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In the past it may have appeared as though BFSA and SABAA are in competition, most recently in the TWK big fish saga. We at BFSA have never subscribed to this way of thinking and believe that all bass fishing organisations, big and small, formal and informal, should work together and co-operate for the promotion of our sport and for the conservation of this precious resource. Sometimes we may disagree on the details, however we are all in agreement with regard to the big picture which is the wellbeing of the bass and in ensuring their continued existence in an environment that is not always conductive to that reality.

Misunderstandings will be avoided when we have senior members of the formal bass fishing community sharing their vast knowledge with newer entrants to the bass fishing world. Such sharing will benefit each individual bass angler and ultimately the bass themselves.

We at BFSA offer the hand of friendship and partnership to SABAA and all bass fishing clubs and societies in Southern Africa. We extend a formal invitation to all members of these societies to join this free online community and to share their experience.
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Well said and it looks like a BIG hand - trust there will be some takers. :blue-exclaim:
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Please identify yoursself ........ :blue-rolleyes:
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Good post. I personally welcome this!
Regards Robert Jacobs
For the record, BfsaAdmin is an entity that we have created to speak for the combined current BFSA management and moderators and includes Shane, Chris and Bergie.
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Take you pick.....ummm ..... it could be 'me' Bergie...or...Bm....or Chris.... :blue-biggrin:

This post is a genuine post from BFSA management, to encourage SABAA (local and country wide) guys to join BFSA online, and to express their views relating to all bass topic's.

It's to stop any confusion/bitterness between us and to create and even flow of exchange and knowledge between all bass fisherman whether you are a member of SABAA or not....

It's time to stop SABAA from thinking that we are the "bad guys' in posting serious topics for discussion that all bass fisherman enjoy and need answers too.

SABAA Executive and members (and I know we have quite a few online already) come and join us and feel free to express and share your knowledge....We are not looking for your secrets, we would like you to "Share and Care, in our Sharing and Caring" bass fishing site....You will enjoy yourselves and meet some interesting fisherman with a world of information...and the occasional laugh... :blue-biggrin:
"I don't exagerate...I think big!"
Good luck with this Big Guy or is it Chris ...... or Shane?

I can undertand the objective to build good relationships with SABAA but fail to see the point of communication in a third person manner (BfsaADMIN). Like in any organisation you have a spokes person, in this case it could be any one of the BFSA admin team. What is the reason for not wanting to identify the auther if he is an official of BFSA anyway?
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Ninja Wrote:Good luck with this Big Guy or is it Chris ...... or Shane?

I can undertand the objective to build good relationships with SABAA but fail to see the point of communication in a third person manner (BfsaADMIN). Like in any organisation you have a spokes person, in this case it could be any one of the BFSA admin team. What is the reason for not wanting to identify the auther if he is an official of BFSA anyway?
Ninja we fully respect your opinion, but ask that this thread be kept focused on the topic in question. Perhaps start a new thread about the merits or otherwise of having a "management" entity , thanks for your understanding.
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Dear BfsaADMIN,

I understand fully and will start a new topic should it deemed necessary. May I suggest that you request that the funny pictures and the subsequent comments stop as it also ditract from the objective of the post.

Kind Regards
Neels Nortje
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Welcome aboard BfsaAdmin :blue-biggrin: :blue-badgrin:

I have never understood the you vs us scenario as we are all in the same boat so to speak. I for one welcome the gesture and nature of your post. :blue-cool:
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
Jeremy, I agree boet. The different boats are the different facets of the sport and until someone can actually unite all these, my guess is we will have to move to another thread to discuss the secrecy bill, once again till total exhaustion. I sense a warning coming, like Valrath often gets!?
riprap Wrote:I sense a warning coming, like Valrath often gets!?

So be it.

I have been part of this site for many years, in the past twice as a paid member. This site has always been an example of a great caing and sharing site and being a social site for all to voice there opinions about bass fishing. What is this formalities sudenly now? If BFSA does not have the balls to stand up against SABAA and write them a letter or meet with them and sort out their problems then it is not going to help by suddenly using this social site to try and hide behind a third party voice.

I'm part of this site to see repot backs from my fellow bassers and to read about the fun they had on their fishing outings. Now we have this formal "Dont speak to me, speak to the ADMINISTRATION" crap!

Why have admin not stop others hi-jacking of this tread? It is supposed to be a "formal" chat to smooth talk SABAA, maybe I'm missing the point. :blue-evil:
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Ninja, calm down boet.Smile We just want a BFSA Admin so that if we need to comment on a certain issue as BFSA it is not see as me or Chris or Carl's opinion. It's a management decision. :blue-cool:

Hope you understand. We will still all be making our own posts and giving individula opinions.

Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
Neels, I personally don't think it's about "standing up to SABAA"...... Sabaa is a great institution both at home and abroad, and I have some very good friends in Sabaa...
I also fished regional and was Chairman of a club for six years, heavily involved in bass and Sabaa.

This posting is not about slandering Sabaa or having an appointed individual from management go and "sort Sabaa out"......We have nothing to sort out with Sabaa.... We just want a cross pollination of views from both sides of the table, so to speak, from BFSA and Sabaa so we understand each other more clearly in our quest in bass fishing and help each other where we can.
...This we can do on this website without slagging Sabaa or it's executive which we will not allow.

I've also had my disagreements with Sabaa Executive as well.....We got together discussed the problem and sorted....Easy.

Don't think for one minute that Sabaa does not have it's ups an downs within it's own ranks.

We (BFSA) are fortunate enough to have our website and forums to "agree to disagree".

Hence the reason to invite Sabaa to join, and join in

We, at BFSA, have always allowed "free speech and reasonable posting of pictures etc."
I find the pictures give a light-heartiness to sometimes what could be volatile and explosive posting......It does not mean that the guy's on site are not sharing and caring.....Simple airing their views..

BFSA-ADMIN, will continue, and continue where needed as management decisions are made and need to be posted with regards to relevant management decisions made which need to be relayed to all members of BFSA......

"I don't exagerate...I think big!"

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