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Andy **'s first bass boat ... a project

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Andy wow sy lyk stunning.
SMILE, it can change the world around you. Stywe lyne
Gonna watch with interest..........lekka thread and don't stop Andy.
Thanks to those reading and commenting.
Couple of things in stock that are lined up for installation:
1. 75lb Trolling Motor NIB
2. New carpet Dark Grey
3. New carpet edging rubber strip 10m
4. 3mm memory foam 2 sheets (thanks Navrik)
5. 5 liters contact adhesive.
6. two new batteries 102Ah threaded connections

Looking for...

Hatch handles. Specifically looking for those dark grey plastic cups with the half moon recess. Hope that's a decent description. Looking for 9off. Where to please?
As far as the carpet glue goes I was recommened the Kehl's carpet adhesive. Be carefull not to spread too thick was it will seep through the carpet.

You can get automotive carpet from them as well. I know some guys use Ranger carpets but at a premium.

After some research and speaking to someone who has done a review on them them as well as an expert with renewalble energy projects I have settled on 2 x 85Ah Discover batteries. According to reviews they perform better than other brands 105 Ah batteries, last 3 times longer and you end up saving 6kg of weight. I get through a full day with the wind pumping without any hassles.
Regards Robert Jacobs
I would also recommend the following foam for underneath:

Sondor SVA45 5mm foam
Regards Robert Jacobs
Looking very nice!!
Nothing better than working on your boat
I know this boat very well. I fished on her in my first Nationals for Boland at Albert Falls dam. That one 130v4 is a beauty. Great boat. i have the same hull with a Yamaha 150V6, which i am restoring as well. please post final pics of the boat if you can. i would love to see what she look like now.
Welcome to the site DuppieJC!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanks Navrik

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