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Fishing on the way to Windhoek.. New.

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Morning Guys . :eusa_dance: Im Gowi de jongh new to this site .. Sea junkie all my life started bassing last year . And love this new adventure . PB is 2.6 kg in a small farm dam . also in the KBT season looking forward to this weekend at clan . Smile

Oraait now my question. Im driving to Windhoek in the beginning of next month. Any dams I can try close to Windhoek? from the bank or so?? Thanks guys . Have a great one.
Welcome Rooki G. I am sure someone will respond with info.

We have quite a few Namibian anglers join us every year the Clanwilliam Winter Bass Classic. As a matter of fact the sponsored boat this year was a Namibian product.

Jim from Zim might buy your nickname from your soon so brace yourself :blue-wink:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hi, welcome. There aren't many damns near Windhoek that are great for bank angling. You can try Oanob dam which is next to Rehoboth (70km from Windhoek). You will definitely need a craft to properly fish there. Another option is Von Bach damn near Okahandja (70km from Windhoek in the opposite direction of Rehoboth). Again you will need a boat for that damn. Your best bet will be Friedenau damn which is closer to Windhoek and has some bank angling potential. When you are in Windhoek go to Bushwackers as they are a good fishing store and will be able to give you more info.

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