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Maguga Dam

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Good day all,

I'll be at Maguga dam end of September and being my first time there, I am not familiar with the dam.

Can someone please advise on baits that produce plenty fish in that dam, good spots to try on the dam and any other tips or info that would just make the weekend fishing more enjoyable.

But more importantly, if someone can help me out with a Topographic map of the dam? That will be ideal.

If you would like to help without the whole world knowing... My e-mail address: <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

Thanks guys,
Appreciated!! :eusa_clap:
Not to burst your bubble or optimism but the fishing at Maguga at the moment is in a terrible state and this is the feedback I got from a very good fisherman and friend of mine that fished it about a month ago for a fund raiser of sorts.

They are looking to bring back the dam to its former glory by introducing additional food sources, but like I mentioned the fishing was terrible about a month ago for these guys.
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Hi All,

So never ended up going. #Work... :eusa_naughty:

But now definitely going in April. Any word how the fishing is at the moment?

I see the dam level did pick up a lot in the last 2 months. Hope it has stabilized enough for the fish to move shallower.

Any tips our there baitwise or locations/spots?.... Please??? :razz: :razz:

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