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Vortex Bass Boat

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I noticed a new bass boat just appeared on the SA market.

I am in no way affiliated with the the company apart from the fact that I think my previous Splash Bass was built by the same company.

Looks great from what I have seen so far on social media.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hey Nav. It would appear the Vortex is the MKII version of the hooker which is marketed by Rutherford (Mercury) and has been around for a while.
I don't see this boat on their website anymore but at one stage it was endorsed by Mercury & Motorguide.
She would look good on any street corner..........
Yeah it is the bigger babe. (Cannot say baby any more...)

They sell the Hooker and Vortex now and made some kind of a deal with the Mercury manne to market the boat.
Regards Robert Jacobs
DREAMBOAT :eusa_drool:
"At night when I go to sleep.... I count Bass instead of sheep!"
Looks nice, but it seems to lack attention to detail and fittings you would expect on a modern boat like a recessed trolling motor pedal and rubber tread on the bow...maybe its not finished yet
Smurf questioned the company on Facebook about that and they have a recessed trolling motor option.

The reason (according to them) why they did this is for modern trolling motors that you can use without a foot control.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Like the modern one they fitted in the pic. Sounds a bit weak to me, but time will tell. First impressions last as another boat manufacturing tribe knows...

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