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Reel frustration

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I've been struggling with an inconsistent drag on a new Shimano Curado 200i for months. I was close to throwing the reel in the back of the cupboard a few times because try what I might I couldn't get the drag to stop jerking. It just didn't want to peel off smoothly.

And then it occurred to me! I've read many times about braid backing slipping on the reel but because I was using mono backing I thought I was immune. Not so! I stripped off all the line, wrapped the spool carefully with one layer of fabric Elastoplast and put the line back on. BINGO! Perfectly smooth drag. Turns out the new Shimano spools are pretty slick.

This has been your Sunday Public Service Announcement.
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Nice tip, thanks Toadee.
Thanks Toadee

I just got three of them this week and that tip i will definitly
keep in mine when spoiling... I normally use insulation tape on my reels cause the holes in the spools cut the line when... Not that a bass would strip you even close to there but ya...
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