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Vaal silt cleanup plans

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I read an article in the Stywe Lyne/Tight Lines last night and the person explained the unofficial plan to clear silt from the Vaal System. Vaal System included Grootdraaidam at Standerton the Vaaldam and Bloemhofdam. We all know that erosion and dead plant material silts up our dams over time influencing the actual water holding capacity, in short the dams are getting shallower. Now according to this individual the government is looking at options to get rid of silt. Dredging by boat operations are to expensive so it is wiped of the table.

The shocking option is to empty the Grootdraaidam over a stretched period to avoid flooding, then get excavation equipment in to clear the dam, pile the silt on heaps or hills to dry and then do some landscaping. Once Grootdraaidam is done the sluice will be closed and the dam will be filled again with rain. The next step will be to drain the Vaaldam and then Bloemhofdam.

It does sound like a sensible plan but the effect it would have on the fresh water recreational activities around these dams will be devastating. The worst of will be the animal life in and around these areas.
Apparently funding will be available from the 2010 spin offs and so on.

Maybe this is the chance Nature conservation is waiting for to eradicate alien species from the Vaal System? Who knows?
Eish, sounds rather drastic 8O

get your cameras ready to take pictures of the structure, what a perfect time to build your own brush piles 8-)
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It is a bit hard to believe seeing that the vaaldam is the main water supply to more than 50 % of the country. So what are we going to drink while they perform this exercise ?

Grootdraaidam was built primarily to support the water needs of the SASOL II and III coal to petrol plants at Secunda, ESKOM's, Tutuka Power Station as well as the Matla, Duvha, Kendal and Kriel power stations located on the coal fields in the adjacent Olifants River basin.

Here is some info on the dams and the capacity of water it holds

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Water is pumped from Sterkfontein to the Vaal.
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...but they cant pump water into the vaal while they are busy with this exercise as they are first going to drain it and then they need to remove all the silt, so what happens to our water supply in between ?
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They will more than likely pump straight from the pipeline instead of from the vaaldam. Guessing here. :-?
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Now, I went back to the Tight Lines magazine just to make sure. Apparently this whole story was done on Cart Blanche at the same time as when this magazine hit the shelves. I watch Cart Blanche on every single Sunday and nada, nothing. I hope I am wrong but.....

1+1=2 no 1+1= a snake in the grass. On the main page of the article it says in Afrikaans "April News"...."Laat Berig" "Late Report" It is in the April edition maybe they are pulling a post April Fool on readers. There is no contact person for the alleged article and it is written in the third person so my guess might be right.

Well it would be interesting to see the reaction of a couple of real pap gooiers with a bottle of Klippies and coke on their next trip. "Dis f$%#$%&&*& belaglig, die Don)*&^%%$rs kan nie dink nie"
I was correct. On page 27 there is a competition named APRIL QUIZ.

"To all our readers. Somewhere in the April issue is an article / column / letter with FALSE NOTE in it. It is after all in the April issue. You can win a prise with the correct answer...blha bla bla bla"

They had me fooled .

This was on page 27 but the article on page 31, now I read a magazine from back to front so I was suckered by these :evil:

Sorry I mislead you guys but thanks for the inputs.

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