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Small Dam Behind Athletics Stadium in Roodepoort

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Hi All

Bit of a late report, but think it will still make some Fisherman in The Western Suburbs of Joburg happy.

Heard from a few guys in the area that there is bass in the dam behind the Athletics Stadium. Alway drove past it and never gave it a thought to go and try the venue. Was sit a Saturday afternoon in April with nothing to do, decided to call up my neighbour and drove down to the pond. A lot of carp Fisher man angling around the water. I drove down t the furthest point the little road aloud me to and set up there.

I started out casting a Watermelon Tube to the reeds and overhanging vegetation without any takes. Tried a very small red and Gold crank bait also without any success. Tried a few spinners also not producing any takes. Running through my whole plastics arsenal, I ended up with a Junebug Lizard. The lizard creature seemed to be the lucky one for the day. Caught two small Bass around 800 - 900 grams.

Very slow day, but still landed the two Fish, good day in books.

[Image: IMG_0818.JPG]

[Image: IMG_0815.JPG]
[Image: IMG_0813.JPG]
Lekka report Goose...thanks for sharing!
Regards Robert Jacobs

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