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Left hand retrieve baitcaster HELP

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Hi all
So this is my first real post, have been a " guest" for a while and finally joined a few months back.
Have had a sniff around, so bare with me if I've missed a thread a bout this :eusa_think:
Here is the question: where the heck can one buy a left hand retrieve baitcaster in SA. Or does everyone fish right retrieve?
I'm just looking for a good set of reels - not crazy money top shelf stuff, just a good solid reel in LEFT hand ret.

Have asked around at tackle shops in western cape and usually get the same " will ask the agents, but I don't think they have" local tackle stores can only do so much, and what they can do - they do it well all good there, appreciate all the efforts.

So I contacted some agents, the guys at pure fishing were helpful.
They would order in left hand retrieve reels for me BUT i would have to order in two of each model I wanted and go through my local tackle store, am happy to do this and also support me local tackle shop. But 2 of each model ?
Heck I only want 3 reels not 6

I understand the ordering procedure and agents having to place more volume to complete an order.
So the question remains does anyone ever fish left hand retrieve in SA
If ya do please let me know how ya got ya hands on some reels. Don't really feel. Like paying double to import them myself from BPS it tackle wharehouse

Look forward to some replays and connecting with a few of ya out there.
Aka one frustrated left retriever :eusa_wall:
I love the smell of bass in the morning.....
Hi Gusto.

Welcome to the site. Drop me a pm with your contact details and i can help you out. I know lews has a nice one and the go for just over a k per reel.
Hey Gusto,
You may or may not have spoken to my guys at Eddlesgas and Tackle. Either way, I will get the reels for you, and you don't have to take 2 of each. Give me a shout and and I will make sure you get what you need. I have several guys who wanted left hand retrieves, and even though they are few and far between, I will get them for you. Most suppliers only bring in the premium ranges in left hand, but drop me a message with the details of what you need, or pop into the shop and I will get them for you.
JC - Eddlesgas & Tackle
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Adrenalin have a really good reel for the the price mate, fishes really well. Gani's have it at R299
[Image: BC206133.gif]
bassin erryday
MatthewPERO Wrote:Adrenalin have a really good reel for the the price mate, fishes really well. Gani's have it at R299
[Image: BC206133.gif]

Are you sure about the price? Recommended retail price on that reel (Alcedo BC206) is R600-650.
R299 is way under cost
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"The man who persists in casting will succeed in catching" - Capiez
Welcome to the LH club. I have had the same difficulties and have resorted to ordering from Tackle Warehouse, paid the R/$ penalty and fish happily ever after.
"any port in a storm"
Wow thx for all the replys guys.

Looking for Abu orra2 winch and orra2 stx.
Had a look at those adrenaline reels not bad but their range of bass rods is def worth a second look. 30ton graphite for next to nothing.
Every time I'm at edelgas and tackle I look at them.
I prefer shimano rods but they are tempting Wink

Will contact me local shop which is actually edelgas and tackle, howzit JC, must be honest most of the guys I get chatting to at a few tackle shops here in Cape Town really go out of the way to help. Nice one Wink

And the love just keeps coming: yesterday went out for a float got a bit snagged and overly enthusiastically "angrily" tried to wrench my self free.
Ended up snapping my favorite spinning reel at the reel seat. :eusa_clap:
Called rapala vmc 1: they had the part 2. They were super helpfull 3. It should arrive Monday morning.
Whole process took less than 15 minutes.
Nice work guys. 8O
I love the smell of bass in the morning.....
Hey just out of interest how many people use left hand retrieve in SA be interesting to see.
I love the smell of bass in the morning.....
I am right handed and fish the correct way with a left handed reel. I have taught my son and grandson this and left handed reels is the only reels you will find on my boat. I must have about 30 left handed bait casters and on coffee grinders it is not an issue swopping the handle around. I have bought a lot of my reels from Gani's and they go out of their way to help. Best alround baitcaster for me in left hand is the Abu Garcia Revo Inshore. If you go for the high end baitcasters they will order it for you thru the legal channels and that way you will have support on your reels in RSA. I have brought in both my left handed Shimano Culcutta DC's thru Ganis.
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Hey there old timer
I agree with ya - if ya right handed play the fish with ya right hand holding the rod- reel in with the left.
I mainly fish for bass so don't need to be cranking like mad for tunnie with my right hand.
Also I find its quicker, no hand swoping,
It's just a personal preference that makes sense to me.
Ya can twitch and tweak a lure far better with ya more dominat hand.
But that's just me.
A guy I know in SA has the best of it - he's left handed so is spoilt for choice on reels in SA - the bastard Wink
I love the smell of bass in the morning.....

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