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Places to fish close to Hibberdene?

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Hi All

Please help. Coming down to Hibberdene end of March and I'm bringing my pisces kick boat along. Want to go fish for a day. Is there any places close by I can go with some nice bass

Boet have u ever tried the paddock farm dams.
its a farm with about 40+ dams great fishing and there is nothing like buying the farmer a bottle brandy or so its open for public fishing but with a small fee like R150 for the day or something.

Happy fishing
Hi Anton

Do you have info for me on paddock, like a web site. Please
hi snaga

Elenor Hansen
Secretary- Paddock Farmers Club
Cell: zero 83 293 five 26 five
E-mail: elenorh at vodamail dot co dot za
Thanks Anton
Snaga, the Paddock Fishing Compo takes place on 28 and 29 March, totalling 40 farm dams. If you are around you must join, it's a jol. Paddock is about 50km south-west of Hibberdene. Hibberdene also has plenty farm dams, but you need to know the farmers or have a contact.

Give me a shout, I'm in Port Shepstone, I know a few guys and maybe Pem of Pisces Predator can also help, he is in Margate. My cell no is 08three2seven2 66two6.
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@ Anton paddock farm dams are all owend by diffrent farmers not just oneSmile
@ Snaga I left you a message on the Kickboat forumWink
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Howzit snaga, look for a place called happy days café ,there are two, one by all the other shop and the other one in the residential area with a nice dam adjacent to the shop,its free to fish and the owner is a very nice old man that made the dam his project and stocked it 30 years ago. Plenty of bass,big big blue kurpers,carp and barbel. I caught a couple on watermelon gold weightless senco's.

Hope this helps.
peace,love and bassing.

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