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Mysterytacklepack March

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So another month has come and gone....the March Mysterytacklepack contained no less than 7 products valued at over 500 bucks. More than half of this months orders were repeat customers which shows we are doing something right! While we cannot please everyone all the time, MTP will continue to provide the latest the industry has to offer at reduced prices....this is what we did this month....

Big Bite Baits Coontail Worm

The Coontail Worm is the second signature bait designed by BASS Pro Russ Lane. Russ has been working with Big Bite Baits to create a versatile new shape that could be used in a variety of ways. Russ designed the Coontail so that the centre core waves through the bait rather than being in a straight line. This helps with the action and allows it to be rigged for the hook point to have maximum action. It also features a bulb tail which increases the action. Russ took into consideration how the bait had to sit on the hook and how the hook point had to come out of the bait easily to get the best hook penetration to up the odds of getting more bass out of heavy cover.

Big Bite Baits Rojas Fighting Frog ( NEW COLOUR )

Unlike traditional frogs, this bait is designed to be used flipping, pitching, Carolina-rigging or as a jig trailer. The Fighting Frog takes frogs to a whole new level of fishing. This frog is made to be used below the surface and give fish a new and realistic look and a great swimming action. When fished with a light weight, it has a natural gliding action on the fall. The Fighting Frog has hook pockets on the top and bottom, but the key is additional grooves on the sides. These channels and grooves prevent the bait from balling up on the hook and interfering with hooksets.

Xcite XB1 Squarebill Crankbait

Effectively cover all of your favorite shallow water haunts with the help of the Xcite Baits XB-1 Squarebill Crankbait. The inventive design of the Xcite XB-1 Squarebill Crankbait utilizes a tungsten ball bearing rattle to create a distinct acoustic pitch throughout the water. In addition, the Xcite Baits XB-1 Squarebill Crankbait also features an internal weight transfer system, which generates long-distance, bullet-like casts. Each Xcite Baits XB-1 Squarebill Crankbait is hand-tuned and tested before leaving the factory, so it’s ready for competition straight out of the package. And if that wasn’t enough, the Xcite Baits XB-1 Squarebill Crankbait is also covered in an exquisitely detailed scaling pattern, 3D eyes, and 3D gills. Available in a wide range of fish-catching colors, the Xcite Baits XB-1 Squarebill Crankbait has all of the attributes to become your new go-to shallow water workhorse.

Venom Ron Yurko $100K Finesse Jig

Five bass boats, a new truck, over one million dollars in career earnings – as an amateur! Ron Yurko is a fishing phenom and the majority of his success can be attributed to Ron’s little jig – The Yurko Jig. Virtually weedless in all situations, it’s particularly suited to brush and bush fishing but don’t let that dissuade you from using it in all fishing applications. Available in Ron’s original sizes 1/8 and ¼ ounce, in three fish catching colors – brown, black and green pumpkin, these are the only finesse jigs you’ll ever need, or for that matter, any jig you’ll need for all jig fishing applications.

Venom Sickle hooks

A patented revolutionary design in hook technology. A wide gap hook with extra strength and higher hookset design.
1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0. 5 pack.

Mysterytacklepack will continue to work on a 2 week turnaround ie orders in by the end of the month and delivery by mid month. Keep an eye out for our exciting clothing and accessories range launching soon, as well as advertising, competitions, sponsorships and prize give aways!

Next order deadline 31 March 2015
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Nice selection Smile
"At night when I go to sleep.... I count Bass instead of sheep!"
Just some feedback from one of you customers that did not place a repeat order.

It is human nature when opening a pack like this to have huge expectations a) to see loads of tackle and b) to see what you were hoping to see. The reality is that bass tackle is expensive and when you see the small amount of tackle you have to pinch yourself and say, hey it is only R350 that you spent and hey you cannot expect to get what want.

There is nothing wrong with your concept and I wish you all the best with it. It was a personal choice to not continue with the orders, I decided to rather spend the R4200 a year on tackle that I know works for me and has served me well over the years.
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No offence to MTP and with respect, Ninja does make a valid point. My boat has finally agreed to cut down on the number of brands that flood our hatches and concentrate on our top three or four brands and maybe say top 20 confidence baits. This chipping and changing linked with panic when others are catching has cost us too many points and too much stress!

Picture this: Dad to son, please pull out the finesse grubs. Which brand and size dad and which hatch..........

Each for their own though and the initiative has a place. Good luck Rory.
I don't think this idea is targeted at hardcore tournament anglers. We all have our confidence baits and brands. I think the idea of the MTP is only to try out new brands and stuff and help newer anglers and old ones alike to supplement their tackle. I think its a great idea, you never know, you might find something great. The Yurko jig in this pack is a killer. Love it. Like the guys mentioned above its R350 a month and that's not too much. But I can't afford it. Sounds stupid right? But R350 is a fun fish or practice day for me on Tzaneen or Letsitele waters. Its priorities and nothing beats a day on the water right?
"At night when I go to sleep.... I count Bass instead of sheep!"
Welcome to the wonderful world of the South African bass fishing industry lol....

While the concept is new to our market, it is a relatively simple one. I too generally purchase what works for me....that said, have you ever caught a fish on a Yurko jig? XB1 crank? Can't resist it fighting frog? The dominant answer would be these baits work? Hell yes....

As explained to a very unhappy customer up North who couldn't understand why he didn't receive 5 packets of his favourite his favourite colour....this is not an online store, it is a way of trying baits you would not normally purchase and therefor build your confidence and broaden your perspective on baits available in the market....

While this is not for everyone, we have had more than one rave review from happy customers. With the launch of clothing, accessories, OEM tackle, sponsorships, prize give aways, advertising as well as an introduction to the Namibian, Zambian and Zimbabwean markets, MTP is here to stay....

As long as the orders are coming in, we will continue to do what we do best....provide new and exciting tackle at reduced prices to those who are interested.

This is the model:

Tackle brands / importers: Happy for MTP to launch their new products and expose their brands therefor driving sales....

Customers: Happy to receive new and exciting tackle at reduced prices....

Stores: Happy to receive business from customers looking to purchase product they have received in their MTP....

So while we cannot please everyone all the time, we can continue to provide a service that some are finding extremely useful. Thanks for the feedback guys.
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These a very valid point and I tend to agree with most of it.

I think what makes it difficult is that Mystery Tackle Box in the States gets supplied with new baits from the thousands of tackle manufacturers so what you getting is truly new and a mystery and they do get it at reduced prices as the companies want to get the exposure on new baits and the baits are seasonal because in the States the have ice over etc. and its not a great time to throw a top water bait unless you targeting a Moose or Elk

We don't have many decent tackle manufacturers in SA if any where this is a viable option, what you get in the MTP is a mystery but it is not new or the latest its been seen and used before. Not only that we have the Rand the States have the Dollar and im sure you guys know what the current exchange rate is it sucks, so after the local agents have imported these baits been slapped with import taxes then they add their profit margins and then you have to add some more to make a bit of a profit yourself it drastically reduces the amount of tackle you getting.

Don't get me wrong its a great concept for the newbie but as stated the serious competitive angler would rather spend money on his next tournament or purchase confidence baits, I for one research new baits on a daily basis looking for things that I know will work for me in our waters and I have discovered some gems over the years but I would rather order it from an online tackle supplier and I know what I am getting. The serious bass anglers are educated on what is going on in the market and believe me know exactly what tackle costs so when they open a package and the numbers don't add up the repeat business shoots out the window.

The other issue is the expensive courier services in our country, America has this waxed we don't, and this takes a huge chunk out of the profit, the sheer size of America is another factor and the demand for bass tackle is on a epic scale and this is what makes Mystery Tackle Box a success over there.

Some things to maybe consider is to keep it seasonal when spring comes around make sure you have some baits for targeting pre spawn bass and bedding fish etc etc.

Also instead of putting in full packet of plastics in the packs maybe try three or four different baits but only putting in three or four of each this gives the customer more of a variety and he gets exposed to more colours and different baits.This not only adds value for the angler but to shops that stock those baits and the agents that supply the shops

Just an idea!!
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Oh by the way Rory Zambia don't have bass those boys have to cross the border to catch anything decent.
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Fully understood and agreed. MTB in the states generally get their product from the suppliers for free hence the fact their product is under R200! Furthermore, how many active members of this forum and the scene as a whole are taking initiative to start something or better the scene? I can think of 4 or 5 makes it difficult when 98% are talking the talk and 2% walking the walk....anyway....suppose there is a reason our scene is what it is....

That said, there are almost 30 000 active bass anglers in South Africa and the market is there. It is up to those taking initiative to steer the ship....
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Hey Rory

Some valid constructive points above.

With regard to your unhappy customer up north....

There was an old man, a boy and a donkey. They were going to town and the boy was riding the donkey, with the old man walking alongside.

As they rambled along, they passed some old women sitting in the shade. One of the women called out, ''Shame on you, a great lump of a boy, riding while your old father is walking."

The man and boy decided to changed positions.

They came across group of mothers and one cried out in protest, "How could you make your little boy walk in the hot sun while you ride the donkey!"

So they decided to both ride the donkey

They next encountered some children who were on their way home from school. One girl shouted, "How mean to put such a load on a poor little donkey."

So the two decided that they should both should walk next to the donkey.

The then came across a group of men who said "look at those fools walking when you have a perfectly good donkey to ride!"

I have found this parable to be of great value in anything you do in life. You just simply will not please everyone.

Good one Frogstar ol' wise one.
Just for interest Rory, how much tackle i.o.w. packs moved on the last order?
Where does the almost 30 000 bass anglers figure come from?
So true Frogstar. I've done a lot to help the bass community but only burned my fingers,Rory my dad used to say, " goed doen is kak doen".
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Rip, while I appreciate the input whether it be positive or negative, the size of the business is not really relevent to you!? The industry statistics come from The Bass Angler magazine.
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No probs Rory, it's not relevant just out of interest. Hope you don't construe my input as negative........
Did The Bass Angler provide data to back this figure up I wonder. This is not a question.
"MYSTERY" Tackle Pack... Operative word being MYSTERY. MTP is a great opportunity for distributors to create additional awareness around their brands/products. Which is after all the purpose of such an initiative?

Thanks to MTP we BWG (A Truly South African Company) have listed in 2 new stores because their customers have asked for our products directly. So they have clearly seen the benefits of our products which they don't have available at their local retailers as yet.

At the end of the day Rory you just won't be able to please everyone, and Roy touched on a few key points which I hope people will pay attention to.

Keep it up and keep trying to improve on the initiative. Some constructive feedback and what you should look at doing soon...

- Unpacking Video's (Show casing what is in the pack and some info on the products)
- Tacklepack content archive on the site (To showcase what previously has been in packs)
- Ask customers to send in their catches on products they have received (Post to Facebook and Site)

You and I chat often over Whatsapp and I will keep popping you ideas. I believe it is critical to build local businesses which support the economy and support each other.
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