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Back to get the BIG one.

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I use to catch bass with a good uncle of mine stying in KZN, about seven years ago. Since then I haven't been fishing, but I have started again about 2 weeks ago. (Got a rod and reel for my B-day) Boy I quickly remembered what great fun it is to catch a bass!! I am hooked all over again.

I have seen some pics of awesome bass, and I must say this website is super cool. It was quick and easy to find on the website places to go bass fishing in Mpumalanga :eusa_dance:
You are going to enjoy all about bass and then there is US the members which you will thoroughly enjoy
Warm welcome to you
Welcom Sooitjie!

Wow who would have thought that after seven years that I took you for some bass fishing sessions at Inanda Dam that you are now hooked. You netted my previous PB of 4.75kg on 21 January 2007! I'll never forget that day! So glad to hear that you now hooked, it must be age and maturity, you are now all "grown up" and married with kids.

Welcome to the the worlds best bass fishing community, there are some scary manne on this site but seen that you got an uncle on this site I'll protect you from them. :blue-biggrin:

Welcome! :blue-cool:
[Image: dbfa278d-72d0-4191-8a1b-dfc8df2ce222_zps5101ae66.jpg]
Haha, what a lekker story and blast from the past. Welcome boet.......your uncle plays "grandfather" here from time to time so I guess your back is covered.
Ours are sore from pulling smallies...............
Welcome Sooi. Very nice to have a midweek Ninja fishing uncle!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanks guys! Ja it's very lekker to have my uncle Ninja and I also remember that day tooo well, when I saw that monster jumping out of the water I new if I had to miss it with the skip net I might aswell jump from the boat and swim to the side if I wanted to live :blue-lol:

I had a great day on Friday when I went with some friends to a private dam outside Ermelo, caught 4 lekker size bass and 7 small ones. I will post some pics.

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