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Wemmer Pan

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Do any of the members here fish at Wemmer Pan in JHB South. If there are any it would be great to hear from you and maybe meet up their some time.

I fish there regularly, like 4 to 5 times per week and I have pulled some decent fish out, in the 1.5kg to 2kg range.

i would love to go fish there, but i've heard its a bit dangerous to try go alone,i wouldn't mind meeting up, do you know if its possible to fish the dam on kickboats?
peace,love and bassing.
I am sure you could use a kickboat. Most of the reed beds are on the far side and not accessible to bank anglers and that is probably where the best fishing is.

I have heard of safety issues but I go prepared and stay alert. Weekends are ok because there is quite a few people hanging around, picnicking, walking dogs etc
I was there till 7:30 pm this evening. Two bites that got off and another fish about 1kg landed.

Let me know if you want to go some time. The more the merrier.

This may seem like a dumb question. Is fishing actually legal at Wemmer Pan? Is the Wemmer Pan rowing club still active on this water?
Yes, the rowing club is still very active and fishing is allowed. The metro police try to discourage us from fishing at certain parts of the dam because of the dangers but they dont stop us. Chatted to one last evening and assured him I was fine and he left.

This is the reason I asked. The rowing club has the water use rights and there are several forums where clashes between the club and anglers have been mentioned.
"Regarding Wemmer Pan and fishing, Wemmer Pan being a municipal water is specifically excluded from fishing. Fishing is not allowed on the pan and it is a bylaw of the Johannesburg City Parks. There is a notice at the front gate on the Rosettenville Road which indicates the types of activities allowed on the pan and fishing is excluded.

Wemmer Pan Acquatic Clubs co-ordinates the activities on the pan and has affiliated to it, nine rowing clubs, JHB Canoe Club, Southern Cross Sailing Club and Transvaal Underwater Research Group. It goes to a great expense every 18-months to purchase sterilized Karp to control the growth of the weed on the pan".

"We believe that the JMPD do raid on occasion and that some fishermen have had their rods confiscated together with a fine."

"I hope this clarifies the position."

Club Chairman
Garnet Prince
[Image: ay55i0.png]
I know of the issues in the past with the rowing club. Does not seem to be an issue at the moment though. Lots of guys are fishing, especially Specimen carp anglers and the Metro know about them and are not having any issues with it.

I know the rowing club are very protective of their Grass Carp but most of the fish caught are other species. Also, most of the anglers that the metro targeted in the past were "catch and release" guys while they turn a blind eye to the "catch and digest" guys.

Exactly that happened the other evening. The metro cop warns me about the dangers of fishing in the area I prefer but says nothing to the other guys catching for the pot. I have a provincial fishing license and I bet the other guys do not. If they want to protect the rowing clubs grass carp they could do it just by inspecting licenses. In other words, doing their jobs.

Anyway, does not seem to be a problem at the moment and the Pan offers the best fishing in my area at the moment so I will continue to take full advantage.

Ok. Don't want to be shot at by a man in a canoe. Smile
Visit not confirmed yet.

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