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Tzaneen Dam Apr 6-9

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Hi guys, I went fishing at Tzaneen dam the weekend and we (myself,my girlfriend,my boet and friends)had a lot of fun.

We arrived early friday morning and set up camp. The weather wasn't to bad although a lot of rain were predicted. Our camp was situated on the river on the left of jetty 3.

At about lunch time we were done and had our lines in the water(somer from the bank). We hooked a couple around the 800g mark and felt very positive for the following day.

At 6:00 saturday morning we were up ready to go. It was overcast and I was gooiing topwater baits, right in front of our campsite. I picked up two nice fish about a kilo each on zara jnr. We were catching alot of fish in the region of 500g on white spinners and junebug super flukes.

We fished untill about 14:00 and called it.

The following morning same story but no fish to write home about.

Monday morning was highlighted with a beauty, 2.3kg(my new pb)on zarra spook jnr again off a rocky point and an hour later a 1.9kg(my girlfriends new pb)in the same area.

We left later that afternoon, very happy with the weekends fishing. My first time at Tzaneen dam and will definetly return. Big Grin
Two PB?s in one trip! I would say that?s an awesome trip! And it?s great to see some reports from some new faces for a change! Good on you Sunseeker! And what a neat move getting a girlfriend that fishes!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Sounds like you had fun , I am going up to a koi farm near tzaneen at the end of the month although I dont think there will be time to fish.
Thanx guys, thats really a dam to put on your must list.
Nice one sun seeker.. you have given me insparation to haul my boat up there soon! Wink
Nice Feedback Sunseeker, that is definitely a dam I want to try in the near future, my brother stays in Pietersburg (ok I will be political correct, Polokwane) which is about an hours drive from tzaneen so I think I must go visit him so that we can spend a day on the dam.
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Well done sunseeker, i have fished there b4 and it is a awsome dam, loads of good size fish in it!
I was in that area on work in feb and man it get sh**t hot , and from what ive heard the winters are not as cold as you would expect , maybe it is a good place for growing big bass
Sunseeker, I think you had a better weekend than many seasoned fisherman. We look forward to hearing your report-backs in the future. And don't be camera shy. Wink
Thanks for the report Sunseeker. How full is the dam?
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Morning Robdog, the dam is about 60% full, alot better than last year I hear.
I'm definetely going to give the dam a go in the near future Big Grin
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Thanks for the report. I fished that dam many years ago when it still had a population of tiger fish. What is the water level like, It used to get really low in 19footsak.
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