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Bassfishing in Natal!

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I was just wondering why Natal produce so many quality fish year after year?
is it the fact that you guys have florida strain bass, higher temperatures throughout the year and a bigger varaity of baitfish in the dams?
What kind of baitfish do you have in natal?
Inanda isn?t pure Florida... Goedertrouw is but Inanda is a Hybrid. And I like to think we are just better fisherman in KZN! ;-)
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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But seriously I would like to hear from the experts because it?s a good question...
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Yip interesting this one.

My 2c would be the fact that the warmer months last longer, and these are the months that Bass feed more readily and in turn grow. With this cycle having repeated itself year after year, a stronger dna strain would have developed.
The other side of the coin is that our waters have traditionally been less pressured that JHB, but that is rapidly changing... Look at monster bass taken in the US.... A lot of them come from Texas, and others from all over the US as well, but you hardly ever see a monster bass on the web that is taken from Toho, Harris Chain, Ozarks etc. I think, and note I say think, that pressure is also a factor. ESPECIALLY with regards to spawning time. Stressed females have shown that they will not spawn when stressed.
I think that our water temp. in KZN never gets to cold, there for as Drew said the fish are constantly feeding all year round. The fishing may get slower in winter and a bit deeper but at least the quallity of the fish are better. where as in JHB you can go ice skating on some of the dams and if I was a fish I would not be to happy with the cold I would also go and hide. Just remember that when the water gets cold the fish like to stay close to grass and rocks for warmth (so Ive been told) Hello MR. PINKIE!!!!!!!!!
From what ive seen , I dont know that there is that much variety.
tilapia , small bass are what I have seen the bass spit up when they are caught .
I would guess that carp fry would also form part of the food chain ,and barble cause there seems to be quite a few of them .
The longer warm periods are definately a big factor, last winter the lowest Inanda dropped to was 17C.
Higher water temps also mean more algae to supply the food chain, so your food chain stays more consistent.
Our bait fish are Tilapia, Bluegill, Scalies (Natal Yellowfish), carp, barbel, eels and a whole host of other small endemic species.
Our dams are also deep and are generally clean.

But of all of them our climate is the most important.
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i think you might be right drew, in the cape province smallies do like the colder water temp and our largies even if they were hybrid would not gro to the size fish you have in natal, saying that though Siggy at Wiesenhof has florida strain in his dams and he stoked the dams with baitfish long b4 he put bass in them, so it might be a mater of time b4 there someone will catch a lunker.
how deep is inanda at it's deepest , smallies will stay deep for the cooler water, you want some?
Some parts of Inanda are over 100ft
is that about 30 meters deep , pretty deep!
30.48 metres to be exact! ;-)
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Inanda is 50m deep at the wall. Thats 164 ft to be exact!

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