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Hand pump, foot pump or electronic pump for kickboat

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What do you guys prefer? Always had one of those hand pumps for the explorer pontoon(came with it) but sold it with the explorer a few years back.
What would you guys recommend I get?
Depends how lazy or fit you are, haha.
I do a float tube or my Pisces KB tubes with a hand pump in under 5 minutes, no worries. Need a beer after that though, hehe
But if you are lazy, or like to drink a beer and talk to your mates while pumping, get an electric pump.
But you still going to need a hand pump to give that bit of extra pressure that the e-pump won't do.

I don't think a foot pump will give you the same amount of volume per stroke like a hand pump does. Unless you are a redneck, with a banjo, and do some squire dancing....
Airhammer double action pump does the job very well.
[Image: mAPtpc0Ndtfx13s5dhvT3Pg.jpg]
Thanks guys, will stick to a hand pump, will maybe get a electronic one later on if I get lazy :blue-biggrin:
Any idea where I can get a similar Dbl Act pump please?
"any port in a storm"
i have all three, my least favourite one has to be the hand pump. that thing zaps all my energy. i always start off with the electric pump (fills the tubes in no time) then with either the hand or foot pump to top up to the desired pressure.

The Pick n Pay in Plattekloof usually has stock of the Intex Dual Action Pump.
Sorted. Thanks $ and SBC
"any port in a storm"

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