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What else can 5.4:1 Ratio reels be used for?

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Hi guys,

I know the Abu Garcia Winch is designed for deep diving cranks. Was wondering what else one can use the lower ratio reels for?
Yes ja Sean. You can use it for big spinnerbaits where a slower presentation is needed eg in dirtier water. It can if neccasary also be used for stickbaits when the water is very cold like in winter time where its best to work a stickbait as slow as possible sometimes. My 2c

I have one of those reels and its the bomb for cranking.....
[Image: outdoors.gif]
Thanks Billy. Long time no see/speak hey. Thanks for the info. Sitting with two of the Winch reels at the moment and fishing from a kickboat I will probably not trow to may cranks (To scared the trebles might puncture the pontoons lol)

Must say, all my most memorable fishing trips was with you, Brenden and James. Fun times back then.
Best ratio reels for cranking full stop
Don't stress tooo much about trebles and your kickboat... I give my tube absolute hell, taken it through massive thorn trees, through brush, and drag it over submerged trees.. No Issues - They are MUCH more hardy than you think. That said I do have a buddy with a pontoon which is not too happy with the amount of punctures he is getting...
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Andrew had a Clan smallie land on its back on his pontoon. Result was 3 holes from its dorsal fin.
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Haha ok cool, so no need to worry to much regarding punctures.
theBee, any chance you would pm me the make of the pontoons your buddy is using? (don't want to order the incorrect pontoon today, some obviously use better materials for their pontoons than others)

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