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From Biker to visserman!!!!

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Hi to all,, I,m Chocknel,, my hobby for 45 years has been goete with 2 wheels,, but the time has come to hang the leathers in the memory closet and find a new hobby,, I sold them big scoots and got meself a autovilla camper,, a 3,2 m rubber duck inclusive a 2,5 Hp 4 stroke Suzuki outboard and a fishing stick and some hooks.. Now the difficult part starts as I knows net mooi sweet niks from fresh water fishing and I believe dis here is dem site where I learns all them tricks.. I,m situated in Gordansbay but have no problem traveling to places such as Poortjies dam near Montagu and this is where dem autovilla comes in,, so where is dem slim visvang teachers?????
Hi Chocknel,
For a chap with a 2,5 Hp 4 Stroke how big was the' BIKE' and what bike was it.
From biking to fishing no difference both hectic, your boat is small now but it will grow.

Welcome this this side of the addiction Chocknel.

Like KingDon said watch this space as all boats tends to grow a little... :eusa_dance:
Regards Robert Jacobs

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