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Blaauwpan Dam

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Hi guys.
I am a newby to bass fishing and quite like it so far. I have heard that there are some bass at blaauwpan?? How true this is I don't know but will go and try this weekend and will report back.
Great site.
a couple of my mates have caught bass there and big ones to but im still to catch there.. till then ill just keep catching my green monsters at homestead dam
Hi my name is NUNO aka "the bassanator" from benoni and im a bassaholic....Wink
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I grew up there and know that dam very well, i have caught bass over 3kg out of there and know that they are there, you should be fishing more on the side were the water run in and use spinner baits and fluke type baits!

Good luck!
Hi Guys.
Nope nothing on Saturday. We were only two that tried where the water runs in, not even a bite. Maybe wrong lures, who knows.

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