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Old hand but newbie to modern bass fishing !!!

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The last time I went bass fishing was 20 years ago. About a week ago I walked past Somerset Sport and on the inkling went in and bought a bass spinning reel, rod, monofilament and some top water lures, spinner bait, sales person suggested some plastics ( worms different colours) and some poppers went home loaded the reel and drove to a dam on the Bottelary Rd . This was at around 2H30 when I arrived, sat for about an hour just looking at the dam, thinking how to approach this then I saw movement at the edge of some reeds.
Decided to just do some practise casts. It was like riding a bike everything just popped back into memory started doing a 180 degree search cast around the area I saw the movement and by my six or seventh cast I had the first hit and the adrenaline started- lost the first at the bank then after about two and a half-hours I landed three bass . Did not have a scale but recon they weight between 850g and 1.3 kg (biggest one of the lot)
I have now been hooked again – now looking for a club that I could join that allow bank fishing and float tubes.
Welcome back to the addiction Mark1. You have come to the right place. We have kickboat comps organised by guys on this site right here in the Western Cape!
Regards Robert Jacobs

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