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Leisure Television on Dstv

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Howdy Chaps,

I'm not sure if you all have seen or heard of this yet, but there is a new channel being added to Dstv in December which is aimed at the outdoor type people, specifically fishing.

There is a cost to register to add it to your existing Dstv package, R40 extra a month. It is a pay for subscription channel and you can register upfront on the website: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m -->

You will see when you register that there are a few payment packages available to suit your pocket. If you pre-pay for a full year up front you only end up paying for 9 months and get 3 for free.

When you register, you are welcome to use the SKSA promotional code, and stand a chance to win R 20k for your efforts...

Best to check out the website and check it out there. I'm sure most of your questions will be answered on the site.
Lekka one Jim. Thanks for sharing!
Regards Robert Jacobs
would be awesome if they made this channel available via internet streaming independant of DSTV, at a monthly subscription of course. But I suppose DSTV have them by the short and curlies :eusa_wall:

Think I will wait for the content to increase - R400 is a little steep for 1 hour a week IMHO?
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Its not R400 a week, its R40 a month.
Irrespective - an hour a week - chances are we will only see the strike king show once every other month.

Although I enjoy Saltwater angling I don't enjoy it enough to want to pay to watch a show - irrespective of the costs.

That's just me though.
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In all fairness, its not just a Strike King show, there is also programs presented by Berkley, Penn, Yamaha and Basil Manning to name a few. So there should be enough fresh water shows to keep us occupied when the wife is watching her soapie's
R40 bucks for a hour fishing show is a bargain! :blue-biggrin:
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...... can't even buy a packet of soft plastic for R40 :blue-doubt:
[Image: dbfa278d-72d0-4191-8a1b-dfc8df2ce222_zps5101ae66.jpg]
I asked about whether there will be reruns broadcast during other times and other questions which is selfexplanatory from the answer hereunder:

"No hassles with the questions.

The channel will broadcast once a week on a Wednesday @ 20:00 till 21:00pm
It will run 2 x fishing shows per broadcast and 8 different fishing shows per month. This schedule is to start, we will grow the channel and fishing content as the viewership grows. This is why it is important to get the industry to support the channel.

Yes the shows can be PVR'd but the user has to be there on the day to press record, it cannot be scheduled.

There are some brilliant shows scheduled and some great fishing and adventure.


Wes Peens"
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Ninja Wrote:...... can't even buy a packet of soft plastic for R40 :blue-doubt:
Not unless its a packet of Pala pala :blue-biggrin:
James and I shot 2 shows at Clanwilliam and Bulshoek that will air in December... Pure Fishing have fresh and saltwater shows...

[Image: PureFishing_SW_FB_Ad_354x600_zps8999d36a.png]

[Image: PureFishing_FW_FB_Ad_354x600_zps1ddb59a4.png]
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