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New to KZN Richards Bay area

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Hi guys, I'm new to the area, work very close to Goedertrouw dam but was wondering about any other bass dams in the area? My home is in Mtunzini. Any places colser to home? :blue-razz:
Howzit Albert!!!
Welcome to the site that's loaded with info and GREAT fisherman of all experience levels!!
As for your request... Not quite sure what loony bin u escaped from as GOEDIES IS THE ONLY DAM TO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blue-lol:

Hopefully someone on the site has some advice for you (better than mine).... :blue-redface:

Once again, welcome!!

:twisted: Wink :twisted:
Welcome to the site Albert, you don't want to fish any other dam than Goedies! :blue-cool:
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