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Try out Bait-casters

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Hey Guys/Gals,

I'm in the market for a "mid-range" bait-caster, but like most people I'm not sure what to get. My feeling is that I want to "try before I buy". Are there any shops out there in the Cape Town area who allow for something like this?

Thanks in advance
Hi There,

Ol Big Mouth, follow the link to the right of the sight.

Malcolm is very helpfull.
Welcome to the site DRO, no need to try just get a Shimano .... trust me. :blue-cool:
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Thanx Ninja, deciding to move on from a Callisto to something with a little more control. But like always with most ppl budgets make it difficult to just buy. Ive had my eye on the new Curado I, but also on some Abu gear ranging more in the <$80 range. Havent researched other manufacturers much. And obviously keeping an eye out for some good secondhand gear.
At most a tackle shop will let you fit the reel to a rod to check for palming and balance. None will let you fish with a reel before you buy it. There is no test drive in the fishing industry. The Curado I is a solid reel. So is the Citica. I would avoid the bottom of the range from any manufacturer. You get what you pay for. Here are some second hand reels.

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DRO, by mid range I assume you mean price for value range. If you are looking for a medium geared reel paired nicely with a dual purpose (if you get such a thing......) 6'8" - 7'2" rod for less than R1K without line, then the Shimano Sellus range of rods and a Caenan reel comes to mind. The Citica comes in 2 gear ratios.
So Guys, I've just had a great idea...

Anybody willing to swap a quality reel for some quality wine,
PM me. I've got some great red wine I am willing to swop at retail value for a quality baitcaster. Obviuously no under 18's, I dont want you to give last year gift from Santa to me for wine, and then your parents are on my case.

I know its a long shot but sometimes I need to juggle between hobbies/sports... :eusa_dance:
Evening DRO, I don't think you will swap wine (which is a perishable) for a baitcasting reel but who knows hey, perhaps you will get lucky. Have you visited the shops recommended or are you still shopping around? Obviously you haven't been fishing yet which is the saddest part of all........
Hey Riprap, Haven't gotten around to the tackle shops. Still planning on gettting there. Thought I'd try my luck, who knows might be someone with an extra reel lying around willing to swop for some decent wine.

Luckily I have had some time to fish, unfortunatley my reel is in for repairs the past week and half but before that I've landed a couple of biggies and lost a couple as well.

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