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Help needed for rod setup

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Mornin fellow in need of help choosing the perfect reel for my rod.jus purchased a g loomis gl2 803c reel options are quantam pt tour mg or a shimano chronach up for any other suggestions and guidance.much appreciated.
You have no idea what you have done by asking that question. Grab some popcorn and hold on.
Personally I'd go for the shimano.
Have you had a look at Abu reels?
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Oops I have only realized that bad.i have the Abu Garcia revo premier set up with a villain.howeva I still need to find another reel for my spare Abu veritas as I have one paired with a quantam pt tour.
Personally I would go for the Tour Mg. I have seen them at Ganis for a very good price. As this appears to be a worming rig I would go for a 7.0:1 ratio.

At 5.4 ounces this will definitely be my next buy. You have to match it with a rod. A slightly tip heavy rod might balance out better with a heavier reel!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Those GL2's are not light weight rods. I would suggest a slightly heavier reel to balance it out. Maybe a Curado 200I HG (7.2:1 ,30 IPT and 7.4oz)). Best would be to try a couple of reels on the rod at the tackle shop and see which one balances out best. As long as it is a Shimano. :blue-badgrin:
Ganis dnt hve stock.i got 1 on order.sowie for all the questions guys n don't mean to stir a shimano n quantam war.should I pair the g loomis with the quantam and the veritas with the chronach.
If the G-Loomis is slightly heavier you can also look at something like a KVD Tour. It is the older model (used to go for $299 on US sites) but I have seen it advertised locally for around R1200-R1300. I have 3 of them in all three ratios and it is an absolute machine of reel.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Nav stop giving this man wrong advice :lol: :lol: Go with shimano or abu. Nav's choice is for papgooi :lol:
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Haha, and Breede knows EVERYTHING about papgooi.....! :lol: :lol:
:eusa_wall: :eusa_wall:
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Eish,Issie...can't say I am a fan of the 'text type spelling'...
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
Thanks a lot guys for all the help I have decided to take both,one can Neva have enough tackle.btw navrik I am a quantum fan as we'll with both the pt tour and exo in my collection.thanks a mill again guys.sorry about that smurf
If you cannot get a Shimano set up then I suggest you get a ........... Shimano set up. :blue-badgrin:
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