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Light spinning reel advice?

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Hi guys
Looking for a good,smooth,reliable spinning reel for my ultralight outfit.
Fishing for small bass and other small critters.
Can i have some suggestions please?
Penn Applause...light,inexpensive and work well.If you want to spend some more,get a lews,shimano or abu.
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Where can i buy that penn in SA?
Get a 1000 series Shimano. They range in price from about R600 to R2500 depending on the model. And being Shimano they are all good.
Shimano Symetre 500 series !

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CNA, PNA or waltons
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i have a small Penn and it is brilliant... I cant for the life of me remember the model, but it is small and very light and i have pulled out some decent fighting fish on it, even it used it of rocks for blacktail and garrick. Otherwise the Daiwa Exceller range are also very good.
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guys do you recommend braid or mono for ultralight spinning reels?
I would go with braid as it is thinner for the the specific breaking strain and cast better.

Pair that up with a Fluoro leader depending on application.

The no stretch characteristics of braid makes bite detection a lot easier.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Can you recommend a fluorocarbon and poundage?
Some of my fishing partners that fish a lot of braid to fish with 12-15lb braid and a slightly lower lb Fluoro.

I recently switched to BWG Roho Kamba 100% Fluorocarbon. It is as good any other Fluoro I have tried but much more economically priced. As a side point not really related to spinning reels I also like the fact that is 200m per role in stead of 200yds (around 180m). When I fill 2 bait casting reels that extra 10m per reel makes a big difference in filling up my reels. A lot of guys will also use around 50-60m backing of cheaper mono so you can then fill 4 bait casters with 200m of Fluoro.

For the braid I would also consider BWG Maji Kamba Braid.

A good friend who does a lot of weightless fishing on spinning reels swears by the stuff as well.

You can get both online from

I would pair the 12lb Braid with 10lb Fluoro.

Fluoro is a bit more abrasion resistant than braid which is apart from the lower visibility of braid is another reason for the leader.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hey dude.

Ifish I understand you correctly I think you looking for ultra light setup. Braid and a leader in my view is not ultra light. If we on the same page here then I'm thinking going 8lb or 6lb seagaur InvisX. I love fishing "ultra light" I use 6lb InvisX. I have tried many brands of Fluoro even before being associated with outdoors365. I used 4 different spoils till I found the one that worked. In those days we had a comp called the micro at Clanwilliam and it was a rule that you had to fish ultra light line.
Best thing I learnt during this time was make sure you spool your real correctly. You can have the most expensive line and spool it wrong it won't work.
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I am not trying to make this sound like an 'Our product is better than yours' scenario, but would always advise anyone to purchase the best quality that their budget will allow. Goedkoop is duurkoop
I use sun line FX1 braid on my spinning reels depending on the application and sun line 7lb FC sniper fluorocarbon for weightless application.
The reason for this is the flouro allows the bait to fall more naturally and drops horizontally. With braid and a leader it falls more vertically because the braid has a tendency to float longer and the leader sinks.

decide what application and then decide on braid or flouro, in my experience braid is more abrasive than flouro.
so many different opinions here,but i guess i will just try them all over time and see what suits me best.
How long should a flouro leader be if connected to braid?
My recommendation on reels are the shimano sienna 2500, those are awesome little reels and they can take a huge amount of punishment including saltwater applications, and they are at a good price in the range of 300-400 bucks, plus they have a angled lip at the top of the spool which reduces friction when casting, giving you some more distance. as for line the rest have covered it. i still do old school 10lb mono.
Just my 2cents

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