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Light spinning reel advice?

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I also use Sunline Sx1 braid and a flouro leader, mostly Sunline sniper but also seaguar invisx. The trick with a leader is to make sure the knot does not go onto the spool of the reel. ie when you have your bait ready to cast, the leader knot should be between your reel and the first or second eye of the rod. If it is longer and on the spool of the reel, it flies off the spool in a circular motion when you cast and strikes the first eye hard, causing knot damage and eventually lost fish. If the knot is between the reel and the eyes, the knot flies straight through the guides.

The debate about flouro and braid is personal and some guys prefer one versus the other, however, in my experience I prefer braid with a leader for shallower fishing and vertical dropshot fishing, and flouro for very clean water and deep water casting. This is purely because braid floats and flouro sinks. If you make a long cast in deep water with braid, your line tends to bow, floating along the surface and then arching almost vertically down as the bait sinks. Wise with flouro, the line is more direct from the rod tip to the bait, plus the flouro will help to keep a light bait down when retrieving on the other hand braid will lift it up more when retrieving.

Braid is far more direct though and the sensitivity is great, hookset solid and cuts through vegetation very well. I am not sure what Navrick uses but in my experience braid is far more abrasion resistant than flouro.

Below are a few fish caught on Sunline SX1 12lb braid and 12lb and 8 lb Sunline FC Sniper leader respectively.

Hope the above info helps. Cheers
[Image: outdoors.gif]
Maybe I should rephrase - what I meant was abrasive resistant in rocks. With grass braid has the benefit of being able to cut through the grass.

Good info on the light fluoro there Brenden.
Regards Robert Jacobs

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