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small safe dams to fish in Midrand

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Guys I have a problem in that I love fishing for bass but I have to drive far or pay crazy membership fees to get in any decent fishing... now I know of a couple quarries around that have amazing bass in but they are super unsafe... Now this all leads me to beg the question of where can I fish in Midrand where it's relatively safe and the fishing is good? Even if they are small private dams and such where I could maybe talk to the owner to gain permission to fish there?

Even if you don't want the whole world to find out maybe just PM me?

Any info will be much appreciated Smile
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I wish I could help but am in the same boat as you Skaapie

If you happen to find out any good news/opportunities in or around Midrand , please please please share with me :eusa_pray:
Fishing Wannabe
haha we share the same name so we might as well fish the same waters Wink I'll let you know if my search comes up fruitful otherwise I'm going to dump a drumfull of fingerlings into a dam and make a fishing spot
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Thanks Skaapie

The quarries you refer to , unsafe because of passers by ? Nothing that numbers cannot solve ? I am just asking :eusa_think:
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not sure hey like I've heard some grisly stories... cars being stolen, people getting shot... I went to some of them today out of curiosity and there are so many people walking around and you can see their shacks from the dam... besides the structure doesn't look all that great... I spoke to a friend of mine who I study with and we've agreed on a couple of dams that we know of that are safe and secure that we are each going to stock with different species depending on what species would do best with the structure that's there Smile this will take a couple of seasons before the fish have settled in and multiplied a bit but it'll be worth while to keep us and other fishermen safe Smile
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