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Rebel 440 Trolling Motor Swop

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Hi All.

I've got a trolling motor that is a bit of an obstruction. The shaft is just too long for my vessel.

I have a 71lb, 24Volt Motor Guide trolling motor on my Rebel 440. I wish to SWOP it for something with a shorter shaft. I know this might then push me back to a 12Volt motor with a lower lb rating but I'm willing to go that route. Maybe one less battery on my boat will help and I barely ever use the top 2 of the 5 speed settings on the motor.

Please let me know if anyone is wanting to go bigger in this regard as I want to go shorter on the shaft.

Can other members with Rebel 440's also advise what trolling motors you guys are using so I can do the correct thing here.

On the other hand do you guys maybe know of someone that shortened their Trolling motor's shaft and can advise me how to do it?

Please advise. :eusa_doh: :eusa_doh: :eusa_doh:
Hi Berto,

I also have a 70 pound Maxxum on my 440.
I will not go smaller than that specially in windy conditions the 12 volt just doesn't cut it.
Also in 2day tournaments I don't need to charge the batteries.

The trolling motor is in the water when you're on the front deck... don't need to go smaller...

Also when shortening the shaft you might run into trouble in windy conditions!

my 2c... Cheers
The problem is the shaft is way too long. If I fish in shallow water it catches on the bottom so I have to pick it up and then it restricts my pitching area. If I fish grass I Can't pick it up high enough either. So it's constantly in the way on top as I can rarely drop it as low as I want to. The shaft is about a foot too long if you ask me. Can you maybe measure your shaft and tell me how long it is? Is yours never in your way? Agree on the 24Volt and 70lb though. It's really better.

Thanx for your reply Juba
Are you not able to adjust the running depth of the motor?
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You should be able to remove the shaft from the head at the collar and cut that shorter (don't blame me if it doesn't work....) and the wires will just tuck in the shaft and head??
When you are rocking and rolling on rough water and your shaft can now not go deep enough, you might be sorry?
Jvh it can adjust but when it's at it's highest it's still 1.5ft under water and with a 2ft travel downwards only. :eusa_doh:

riprap, that might just be what I'll do. I think I'm going to shorten the shaft. :eusa_think:

But I will have to shorten it at the bottom of the shaft as not to shorten the travel of the motor up and down.
Sorry for not replying Berto. Will measure the shaft but it should be the same as yours... Mine is 100%... post a pic of your setup please..
Hi guys sorry to quasi hijack this thread but could you post pics of your rigs and any issues you may have had. I am considering a few options and the 440 is one of them.

Much appreciated!
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Bump..Juba have you seen this request from Ryanie
Regards Robert Jacobs
Lol! Thanks oom Nav! I've dicided the Rebel is exactly the boat for me and im gone keep it....

1. It fits in my garage ....
2. It towns like a dream
3. It's the machine between the trees!
4. Light on juice!
5. It actually handles well on ruff water.... best in its class in my opinion...
6. It caught a dream15.22kg bag and 2 weeks later a bag of 14.9kg.....
Finally with the cost of fishing these days I only fish good weather
Hi Ryanie.

I absolutely love my 440. Took me a while to sort out as I run a 115V4 on it which is a little too big if you ask me :? . She runs like a dream after I added a jackplate and as Juba said handles well in rough waters. Mine clocks between 82 and 85km/h at the moment depending on conditions and load. In this size boat I think you're going to struggle to beat the 440's. Storage space is a little cramped with 2 guys and all their gear but it can be managed.

Only downside is that the rod hatch only takes up to a 7'2rod. The rest has to travel on the deck. I also fitted mine with a bigger 65l tank as the Yummy tends to be a little thursty... :eusa_silenced: .

Hope this helps...
Hi Berto, you can easily increase the rod hatch.... remove the back panel inside mine screwed of.... I fibre glassed the back (inside) adding to the buoyancy of the boat... Also keeps the fuel smell out... I fit 7'4 rods...
My 440 has a 90hp Johnson on and goes up to 80km if alone on the boat...
Thanks Juba and Berto! Any ideas on how the 440 compares to the Dragonfly? The motor is n older 85 Yam. Me ' Ol Mate Ninja swears by his :blue-biggrin:
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Can't go wrong with a 85 Yama! I still prefer the 440....
85 Yammie will be a good match to the Rebel 440.
Regards Robert Jacobs

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