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Quantum reels

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I have also donated a PT Tour and a Powell Rod to Kwaggas at the dividing wall but not by choice!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Navrik Wrote:I have also donated a PT Tour and a Powell Rod to Kwaggas at the dividing wall but not by choice!

Not lekka!
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Thanx for all the great help guys. I've e-mailed Mike at darkside tuning, haven't had a reply yet. I will open the reel sometime this week and have a look if I can fix it myself, otherwise give Apex Walker a try again.
Why do you worry Derrick, you normally use a net and or chicken livers?
A Quantum is like an Alfa. A maintenance pig. But when all fires accordingly you won't find many better reels. The ONLY gripes I have ever had is that sometimes the spool tension knob seems to adjust itself. Dunk it under water and cast it and its like there is no spool resistance. I only use Shimano because it's a more consistent product.

Because I maintain my own reels I haven't really had major headaches. It helps when you are able to service yourself or know when something is fishy and you can stop it before major damage occurs. Preventative maintenance goes a long way. After every trip I rinse my reels and spin them after every outing. A soft toothbrush also comes handy cleaning the line guide and reel foot, as well as the worm gear etc. Only dropping a drop of oil on each bearing and dabbing excess oil off with kitchen towel. The anti reverse bearing inside the drive side housing is also very sensitive and when it mucks up the rollers tend to stick and cause the anti reverse not to engage and you end up getting a handle that incurs back play or one that randomly spins backwards.

Sometimes I will even leave my reels submerged in the sink and spin them plenty submerged. This creates backwash that forces out and flushes dirty debris through the drainage vents on the reel. Open up side plates and remove spools leaving them to dry in the dish rack. Add oil when desired. If you experience this prob with you anti reverse simply flush the bearing with standard reel oil. Spin the bearing using the removable inner and dab off excess oil. Flush with oil again and dab off excess again. Sometimes you will be surprised at how much gunk gathers there. But by flushing your reel and spinning under fresh water immediately you eliminate 90% of the build up caused by dam water, as soon as it dries it has a similar effect to a bath. Rinsing out immediately clears most grit. Leaving to dry has you sit there with a brush and handy Andy.

To put into perspective how much gunk builds up simply check your line guides on your rods. You can also improve the life of your line by simply cleaning your guides after every trip and using some water with a tooth brush. Simply brush them out.

Also check the rim of your spool and the cavities (rails) that the spool runs in. Meaning the spool grooves in the side plates. Sometimes a small amount of debris or buildup will sound like seized bearings and sometimes shorten casting distances by up to 50%. Small things sometimes seems big. But these preventative measures cancel out most probs. As for the clutch bar, after you remove the spool simply brush the rails with the tooth brush. Disengage the clutch and brush it out. Front, back and sides. Repeat a few times if you wish to.

If you are firmilliar with the workings of a baitcaster open them up the moment you get them and wipe off excess grease. Most of the grease to be exact. Believe it or not the grease is simply there to protect the internals from salt corrotion while they are in transit on the ocean and while it storage. Apply these preventative measures guys and half of what you mentioned won't be a prob anymore. Regardless of brand you use. Simple example, serviced a mates old Banax Matador and we went fishing, he ended up using this reel as apposed to his new Abu Revo S. Not that it's a better reel, the internals just work the way they should. The Revo S received the same treatment and already feels much better in hand.

If you guys have any other queries please feel free to ask or mail me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->. It might even be possible for me to work you through your problems step by step this way which might save loads of time and money.

Great reply Emjay. Thanks for sharing!
Regards Robert Jacobs

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