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Shongweni Mar 17

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Hi all
This is going to be short........Water dirty no bass...nothing...jip ...fooooooooookoooollllll
not even a nibble.

I must say it was fun though....trying to make your way trough hundreds of snakes. In my life I have not seen so many snakes in the water and on the side between the grass and reeds. Had Marcel and his friend with me so I decided to call it a day before one of us get bittin.
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Bummer? I wonder why so many snakes? Should have come to Inanda? it was fun!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Hi Rob

I think all the snakes washed down from somewhere after the storm on Thursday. All the guys at Shongweni on Sat complained about the snakes.

I wanted to go to Inanda but Marcel's friend suffer from asma so I decided to play it save and stay close to home.

I will make up for all the lost fun on F/S & S
Fished there last week , I caught a rat on my first cast and then that was that . Got the sh**ts and went to inanda at about 10.30 and caught some fish. Shongweni seems to have very little to no bait fish on the banks which I find very strange , dont think I will fish there again until I hear of fish coming out there.
Hi Warren

Yip I agree , going to leave Shongweni alone for a while. I did get some good Bass there before but lately things are slow.
Yikes, do you know what type of snakes they were?? Thats when you pull out your snake swimbaits. I wonder if bass have any type of amunity to snake venom?

Definately not the type of water you wanna be floating around in a tube in 8O . Thanks for the report Wink
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Hi pomerob

Me and snake are not good friends , we got kind of like a gentleman's agreement....we stay out of each other's way. 8O

Got no idee what type of snakes they were

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