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New to bass fishing!!!

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I am wondering if you guys can help me. I want to take my nephew for a day fishing at a place just outside Cullinan the end of this month. But neither of us have ever gone bass fishing before. Is it possible that you guys could maybe help me out with a few websites for beginners that could help me with what rods to get and what lines, lures, etc.?

Also some helpful pointers for me will be really helpful.

Hi Jaguar, welcome! Perhaps a little more info on the spot you're going to fish would help? Is it a dam or a river? Are you fishing from a boat or the bank? Do you know if it's smallmouth or largemouth bass you're fishing for? Let's start with this info then work on tackle....
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Welcome Jaguar,

or just have a look in the forums on this site, I found a wealth of knowledge in here.

I found that the guys on bfsa are also very helpful, so feel free to ask :blue-biggrin:
Hi Rory

Unfortunately I don't really have all that info. As far as I know it's a small dam near cullinan. And we will probably be fishing from the bank. More than that I can't really say. I am really green to the whole fishing scene, but wanted to try it for quite some time now. So any advice or pointers will really be helpful.

Okay no problem. Your local tackle store should be able to help you with rods / reels. My suggestion would be to get a topwater popper and a shallow diving crank bait. Also line can be basic. Standard bass hooks in 4/0 size should be fine and I've attached a pic of some of my favourite all round bass plastics from Big Bite Baits.
If you don't have a local tackle shop, the guys at Ol Bigmouth and Outdoors have a fantastic new online tackle store and should definately be able to hook you up with everything you need and will ship it to you! All the best!

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[Image: fishingsignature.JPG]

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