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Albert Falls on the weekend

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Hi guys,

i have been in gangsters paradise so long i have forgotten what fresh air smells like!!! :oops:

Luckily im hitting PMB this weekend. Im keen to hit albert falls. Has anyone fished it lately.... Where and what pattern is working at the moment.? are they still hot for surface lures?


Andre :o
Andrer, if you fish very early morning and late afternoon, there is a pretty good surface bite happening. If there is cloud cover, then that surface bite can last until 9am. The middle of the day has been pretty slow lately, but Fab had a decent mid day session there on Friday.
Thanks drew!

were is the best place at the moment and how is the water level.. I heard things are a bit dry and hot there at the moment.
Hi Bud.

Yip, the water is a bit low and it has been extremely hot there lately. R u fishing from a boat, or off the shore?
i will be fishing from boat (more like a dug out canoe with a 40hp haha)
well I hope you are staying in that side of the world for the kzn tour.
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Haha pomerob.... you should be worried im gonna nail all your fish.

are you driving all the way down for the comp?

Bit to far and costly right now im affraid...

i will catch the next one, these comps sound like a hoot
Howzit Andre, how you keeping boet? Are you down just for the weekend or the rest of the week as well? I asked your dad if he wanted to go with me to Alberts next Wednesday.

Fab should be able to give you some feedback as he fished Alberts last Saturday.......when he one day gives us a report!!!! :lol:
[Image: dbfa278d-72d0-4191-8a1b-dfc8df2ce222_zps5101ae66.jpg]
Hey neels,

All good been bashing all the local dams up here, trying to find a substitute for alberts but it just aint gonna happen. Unfortunately i have to come back up on sunday would love to stay for the KZN tour.. but ill get the next one..

PS thats a monster bass ... looks a tad smaller than the one i lost at alberts that afternoon in December...

can only fish the morning I must go and see the shark win thier 6th game on sat......but I will let you know how it goes

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