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All understood.
a Potentially very dangerous situation where colregs are completely thrown out of the window is in some of the bass classics MASS STARTS.. Its really difficult for some of the very competitive anglers to overtake the vessel infront of you on her Stbd side, when he is being overtaken and that boat is also overtaking someone, and theres a canoo on the far right bank etc etc. Its chaos. I know they try and let the fastest boats start infront but its chaos anyways.

Personally I stay behind and wait for the traffic to thin out before I set off, since I only have a 40hp on my boat.

Thanks for wishing me goodluck. Im not exited about the orals.. lots of work to go through.
Master foreign going will be my final destination.. but that's still a tall ladder to climb for me.. for now I will be the master of the new robben island ferry coming of the syncro lift in April.. (If I pass my orals)
Yes I suspect that there might be a rule or two broken with those mass starts. Hahaha.
I work 28/28 so I fish quite a bit in my off time. PM me if you are interested in joining me sometime.
Will do! thanks! where are you based?

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