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Letsibogo Trip

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Hi All,

My son and I am getting ready for a letsibogo dam trip over the long weekend in March and staying at Phokoje Lodge, is anyone going at the same time?

What can the forum members recommend for baits to use and tactics?

Has anyone been there recently? I know the fishing is closed between dec and end of feb, so the fishing has just started again.

Looking forward to trying the dam for the first time.

Chris Pitt
I believe creature baits and very strong line are very high on the list of priorities.
Regards Robert Jacobs
thanks Navric, yip got the heavy line so hopefully not too many lost fish!
Hi Pitman,

Our Pro-Staff Tristan Wood just came back from there. Got some awesome catches!

He reported back that the following baits did very well for him:

- 10" Floating Worms on Shakey Heads (Xcite Baits Maximus & Xcite Baits X-Lock)
- Senko's (Gary Yamamoto and/or Varkenelli Customs)
- Beaver Style Floating Craws (Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Craw)
- Heavy Jigs 1oz & 3/4oz (BS Fishing Rock Crawlers)
- Spinner-baits (BWG Bishop Spinner-bait)
- Crank-baits (Shallow) Xcite Baits XB-1. (Deep) Norman DD22's
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awesome, thanks very much for the info, off to the shops we go!

Hi Pitman

We just got back on Monday from Letsibogo. Had an incredible trip and would say that the fishing was better than my trip last year August.

The only obstacle is that the water is rising at an alarming rate within the dam. They have already had over 1000ml's of rain this year. On our last day we parked our vehicle on dry land and upon our return, the wheels were in water.

None the less! there were only two baits that worked:
1. Magnum Flukes
2. 7" Senco's

Magnum flukes was by far the most successful bait. Look at colors like junebug and green pumpkin.

In the three days that we fished, my boat partner and I caught 25 fish over 3kg's with many close to the 4kg mark and 6 over the 4kg mark.

If you need any other info, please give me a shout.

Here are some pics of Tristan's recent trip to get you in the mood and heart pumping for your trip Smile

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oh man, lovely catches! What areas in the dam did u catch the most fish? did u mojo rig the fluke?
We experienced most of our success up the left river leg.

Please ensure you have the right line. We were fishing braid and 25lb fluro.

Enjoy and let us know how it goes.


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