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New Hanover Farm Dams Bass Comp

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Has any one fished this event before or know about it? Is it worth looking into it to make a plan to attend?

New Hanover Farm Dams Bass Competition
21 Apr 2007
New Hanover, KZN
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Norkie they say this is a very well run event. I have never fished it, but do get puddlehoppers emails from time to time and the chaps rave about it.
Boet...... This is the weekend before the Inanda Classic.... If you thing any sane bass fisherman will risk his life fooooshing the weekend before the classic..... Well lets just say he ain't going to be a married foooosherman!!!! lmao.....

Sorry boet, haven't heard of the comp!!!!

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Big time Fab? I would have to hide the guns and all the sharp objects in the house if I wanted to fish that competition? and then I would battle to get back into the house afterwards.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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It's an excellent comp with lots of prizes but you need to fish off a float tube or kickboat as it is held on several small farm dams
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Thanks Drew and Shannon for the feedback.
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