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I was invited to fish a smallish plaasdam today. Great place, high in the hills between Villiersdorp and Botriver.
Unbelievable solitude - Peace and quiet. No yakking voice - no revving engines - no music ( I love music but not on the water). Nothing to take my mind away from the thrill of the task at hand. - Bassing.
The wind was blowing slightly and kicking up a bit of brown water but I've been told that these fish are accustomed to it. The dam is not big - n'regte plaasdam. It is on the top of a hill and when on the water, you get the feeling you are in one of those laanie Bantry Bay swimming pools that cascade over the side. Like the world is flat.
Anyway - as for the fishing, I only managed to catch 2 and a half fish. The 3rd didn't even warrant a photo. Ag foeitog.
Pietman and the farmer tell me that they catch stacks of smallies in this dam? Either the fish are already "bang gevang", or I have got a strange smell on my hands that the fish don't like and I can only catch those few with colds. Or they can see it's me and loose their eet lus.
The next time I go out on the water, I am going to wear gloves and a scarf thingy pulled up over my face, and then we'll see what happens. . . . . When am I going out again? Oh yes (for the benefit of the hard working office workers) - tomorrow morning I'm going to chill at Pietmans dam for a few hours.

I may not be the best at catching fish, but I'm getting pretty good at finding where they are. I drive down a country (farm) road, and if I see a likely looking dam, I just pull in, knock on the door, and ask if there are any bass in the dam. 9 times out of 10, I am told that there are bass aplenty - and 9 times out of 10, I get told that it is only for private use and I can't fish there. But then that 1 out of 10 says - "No problem. Pull in Cousin". That is how I ended up fishing Phillips smallie dam - and then got sent in Pietmans direction, and he is now my bassing pimp.
Today I passed 2 beautiful dams. Both are biggish and both hold Bot River smallies. The one guy says he has got no problem sharing his dam with lovers of nature, and the other says he will give it some thought. The second place is great for a KBT. Google Earth(43* 8'52,05S
Jy maak nou k*k oom Bomb! Die res van ons kan net hier loer vir nou......
Lekka man, keep going and reporting back.
hey oom Bombasstic i agree "jy maak nou K@k" i am so keen on going for a fish and i am stuck at work reading this lekker report.Enjoy and tight lines

You have the correct attitude, if you do not take the time and effort to search for new waters, you will seldom find it.

I do enjoy your adventures and feedback, keep it up!
Aag - don't feel too bad. I know that you youngsters have not got a hell of a lot to look forward too in good ol' SA, so all I am doing is giving you something to look forward to - OLD AGE. It can be fun if you want it to be.[ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]
As you can see, I've already been Zipped open and closed. The small tat in red says "In case of emergency - open here"
Now I am going to get another one done next to it - "If heart attack is suspected, please wait 2 minutes before preceding with resuscitation - as what you see may simply be an orgasm - and if that is the case, go away"
hahahaha classic!
Argh Bomb, zip it, we have work to do.....wahahaaaaaaaa!
Hierdie oom maak moeilikheid wat kon gebly het... :eusa_silenced:

Nie lekker om by die werk te sit en sien hoe die oom heeldag visvang nie :blue-cry:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hierie Oom is stout gebore.Sy ma 't gese"jirre,kan die kind nie net skool toe gan nie"Toe wens die onnies hom weer uit die skool.Ma moenie worry nie,ons gan oom nie weg wens nie,hier pas Oom.Ek gan ook bass vang tot my hand ni meer 'n stok kan vashou nie.
Ok this is bothering me so I need to say something and this is just constructive criticism. I noticed that you have one moerse :blue-shock: bullet sinker on the front of your fluke, now that will totally kill the action and purpose of that presentation and may be the reason for not getting more bites.

I understand there was some wind around and here is my advice if its windy rather opt for a heavier mojo rig rather than a Texas rig on a fluke, at least with a heavy mojo rig you will still maintain the action of the fluke as it will have free line behind the weight to move around on when jerked along the bottom it will look more natural to the fish. When there is no wind around fish the fluke weightless or with a split shot.

Thats just how I will do it use it don’t use it
[Image: SignatureSmallBFSA_zps89bcf1e2.png]
I agree with both TopH20 and Roy...

Keep those reports coming as they are very entertaining!! :eusa_dance:

As for Roy's reply, I had the same reaction when I saw that pic... First :blue-shock: at the size of sinker, then :? with fluke type bait... (Tail doesn't quite look like a fluke but rather some kind of paddle tail).
Farm dam with clear water, presentation will make a huge difference on your success....

Give it a try and let us know if your catch rate improved?

Tight lines Bomb!!

:twisted: Wink :twisted:
Lekker laughs :blue-lol:
Roy and others - don't feel bad about giving advice. I am like a sponge and all info goes in (unfortunately most gets forgotten prety soon) I also got a skrik when I saw the size of that sinker. On my way to Big Mouth now to get smaller ones. And there are also a stack of newbies out there learning from my mistakes and your input.
Fab thanks for your input as well - it is a fluke with it's tail crossed.
That sinker is made for Carolina,it has built in rattles(Gambler),I do have smaller ones in stock.
Gambler calls it the Florida rig ... sinker has 2 nice attributes:

1. Build in rattles. There are silent models too.
2. Build in sleeve so you don't have to use gummies

Very quick to rig on a Texas rig and a nice saving on gummies too.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanks guys - Been there, got that - Plus Jewel Swim Jig and other goodies.
R600 later . . . . now to explain my thin wallet at home.

The pics are some of my morning catch at Pietmans. Note my home made plastics. Couldn't get Spike it in Worcester, so I bought super glue instead. Got some now at Big Mouth.[ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]

Oh , by the by - I remembered why I had that heavy sinker on. I was trying to locate a rock pile in the centre of the dam.

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