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Boat Delivery

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HI Guys, a friend of mine has purchased a boat in Cape Town and needs to have it delivered to KZN, if anyone can assist he is prepared to pay for the help or knows of a company that does this or any suggestions on what to do would be appreciated.
Eish, if it was CT to Jhb I might have been able to help.

I'd suggest looking at the rail option as a roll on roll off. Probably going to be the cheapest and adds no wear or tear to the trailer en route.
Phone the boat builders in KZN and JHB. They will always know of someone.
Motor Via will help
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thanks a stack for all the help and answers
We had the same issue when I bought my boat.

Fortunately the previous owner was prepared to get to Bloem and all I needed to do was a 10 hour trip to Bloem on the Saturday and 12 hours back to Cape Town on the Sunday.
Regards Robert Jacobs
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