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Footloose Trout and Bass (Outside Fourways)

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Hi all,

So about 15 years ago we used to visit this little place just on the out skirts of Fourways called Footloose.

At that stage the place was really awesome and catered for the person who wanted to catch fish but didn't have hours to spend fishing.......Your typical Pay and Fish style venue.

They used to be very jacked taking care of their own fish breeding and stocking of 13 dams on the premises. They used to have decant swimming pool, restaurant and facilities that catered for one's family that wasn't into fishing


Turn the clock on to 2014 and this venue......and sadly it's one of a brilliant venue that's been left to run itself down..........Gone are the fish breeding dams, and stocking of their dams......and in is the attitude of milking the ruined remains of what once was a awesome venue for Bass and Trout fishermen.

We have been to this venue twice now just to make sure we didnt have it wrong, but sadly nothing has changed.

Does anyone know why this awesome place have been left to go down the proverbial toilet ?
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???? must be outdated then.
Riprap, I guess so hey.......

It's just very sad to see what once was a nice venue for the whole family being run down and each and every last cent squeezed from it without much going back into it.
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Have you tried Haiya Lodge in Muldersrdift, seems like a nice dam?

Thx for the lead....will followup
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this is very sad news Jokerman, I had a car accident in 1997 broke my arm an leg and visited my mom in jhb. A girlfriend took me to this place where I learnt to cast a fly with a plaster of paris all over. I quite enjoyed going there to learn how to fly fish. very sad indeed.
"A" girlfriend, Brenden? :blue-badgrin:
I also visited the place late last year with one of my fly rods, my flyfishing crazy friend, and a couple of bass rods. I was quite shocked to see that they let people catch trout with what looks like a carp fishermen's papgooi mixture attached to a huge hook on a spinning setup... Where's the skill in that???! He was ready to give the okes some lip, but I was quick to give him a snack and a Coke to calm him down... Their 'bass dam' is no bigger than a jhb pothole after some heavy rain... Wont be going back there!
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I hear you.....I know a couple of similar places had the same tactic using a local mix on a hook that they sold.

This worked well for kids who didnt have the patience, but I monitored the guys using this method as Footloose and not even they caught anything.

As I said before it's really sad to see such a place that once was so awesome being left to deteriorate to a point where it's beyond selvage.

The other problem/concern I have is that security could very well soon become a issue as the area has fallen into poverty going by all the ruins around this venue
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