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Hey guys

Hi, here from Cape town. Came back from our December holiday and me and my buddy found bass fishing on our road trip. Really love it and decided it will be a nice hoppy/sport to take up.

Will get my gear soon and then start. Need to find some nice bass dams close to the Durbanville area. Any recommendations?
Welcome TheGut. For gear Plasticman (also a member) on here is the best person to speak to. He will have all the gear and advice with regards to spots to fish you will need.

Business is called Ol' Big Mouth and Outdoors and he is just outside Durbanville.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hey guy

Welcome Smile Being a newby here myself and being totally addicted to this site/forum be warned to spend stax of time on here Smile
To much is just enough Smile
Awesome! Thanks for the help guys! Very keen to start this! Tell me, do you need a boat to do the comps or can you do it off the shore?
You need either a boat for the BFSA Money Trail and higher up Elite Series/Divisionals or a Kick Boat or Float Tube for the Kick Boat Trial.

Plasticman, Frogstar and CrankyStanly all members on this site are the guys to speak to to get you started
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanks man. Definitely going to make a turn by Ol' Big Mouth.

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