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Hook removal.

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Hi all,
I posted the below in a different thread and was advised to start it as a new topic would appreciate any feedback.
Just slightly off topic but still keeping the fishes wellbeing top priority...I would just like to know regarding set hooks. I have stopped fishing treble hooks and lures altogether as I have caught smaller bass that have taken the lure and caused "ugly" set hooks, one hook will be below the eye socket and one through the lip but with trebles if you try remove one the other one causes more damage....I just cut the two hooks with side cutters and remove. I just use plastics and single hooks now, Is there a better way of removing trebles?? Any advice for a novice?"

Don't try to remove treble hooks that look stuck with your hands. Immediately grab your pliers. It's much easier to get the angle right with pliers. I'm really chuffed with the Berkley pliers I bought recently.

Also try to remove the external hooked trebles first. If you're going to be tugging on a hook in the mouth first you'll be tugging on the external hook as well and causing more damage.
Well you can remove the barb on your hooks. that will make it better. the other option is to replace the trebles with single hooks, but the correct combination would take some testing.
Maybe I am mad, but I experimented with a lipless crank, I took the tebles off and replaced with single hooks. So far, works like a bomb, my hook set is still bang on and the damage to the fish is less.

Works for me.
Thanks for the replies guys, Shamwari could you post a pic of your lipless crank set up?

Oh sure, will do!
I haven't fished with my conventional bass gear in a long time, but as shamwari did with his lip-less, is first thing i always did with any new crank.
I used to weigh the treble hook i took off and replaced it with a single hook that weighed slightly less to ensure that the new hook did not impede the cranks action. (You'd be surprised of the size of hook you can stick on there, think my average size single hook on a crank was a 2/0).
You can experiment with the single hook setup. My favourite way was with a 1/0 (short shank) or 1 (long shank) at the front with a 2/0 to 4/0 (longshank) at the rear.
It all depends on the crank size.
Also make sure that when putting on the single hook that the hook-point faces backwards.
Found that this made fishing any cover far less snaggy and also lost less fish once hooked.

My 2c Smile
Thanks Mr GT,

I was also wondering about the hook direction but as you said hooks pointing backwards would make it less snaggy. Im sure I would have worked it out after losing a number of cranks Lol Wink

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