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To Lip Grip - on not?

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A very interesting article in THE BASS ANGLER January 2014 by Eugene Kruger.
To sum up - he is saying that the way "we" Lip Grip a bass is cruel and results in many bass mouths being damaged to the extent that the fish can not feed - with obvious concequences.
I am guilty as charged because I take my pics like that when solo - but I have always felt uncomfortable doing it.
He mentions the fact that even the pros pose for pics at weigh in with one Lip Gripped bass in each hand.
He ends off the article with - "So for 2014 all readers are urged to promote this fish friendly manner of handling our bass - they deserve it" (Obvoiusly the article made some suggestions.)
Why do we concern ourselves with diminishing stocks - or "Meat Fishing" (not pointing fingers just borrowing the terminology) if we are possibly returning wounded fish to the water?
I for one am going to rethink the LIP GRIP.
Thoughts - and facts . . . welcome.
What about weighing a fish then with a Boga Grip and letting in hang?
Jip i think most people/bassers do not know the damage we do some times.
for example:
1. Bass swallow plastic lures and die.
2. Hooks ripped out and mouths damaged.
3. If a bass gets hooked deep and bleeds........other bass attack it to death.
( this I have seen)
4. Yes the lip land thing I am guilty of, and so are a lot of us I am sure.
5. I have read that depending on water temp and size that on average 30% of Bass held in live wells in comps die within 2-3 days. ( American article )

Interesting sfuff.........
I didn't see the article in the new Bass Angler, but saw this on the net the other day. Also something to keep in mind when handling a fish

[Image: bass-injury.jpg]
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send me the lick please..........nice pick
The same applies to some anglers piercing a whole through the flesh of the bass under the bottom jaw to hang on the hook of the scale. I have caught bass witch is def worth weighing, then to see the flesh is already as big as a R5 coin. I would normally weigh a bass in my net (400g) and just deduct from grand weight.
Just slightly off topic but still keeping the fishes wellbeing top priority...I would just like to know regarding set hooks. I have stopped fishing treble hooks and lures altogether as I have caught smaller bass that take the lure and cause "ugly" hook sets one will be below the eye socket and one through the lip but with trebles if you try remove one the other one causes more damage....I just cut the two hooks with side cutters and remove. I just use plastics and single hooks, Is there a better way of removing trebles?? Any advice for a novice?
Hi BassBuster
Good point you are raising but it would possibly be better to raise it as a New Topic iso breaking the thread of this one.
Thanks Bombasstic....I'll do that.

Excelant article ,
I was reading the same and wondering how many fish actually starving to death after we were so kind to catch them in tha mannor ... CATCH and Release ???????
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Hi Gents, this topic has been posted here before and also in most bass magazines, yet it is still very sad to see anglers are still posing for photos holding the fish in the manner as per the demonstration posted by Capiez. the question is if you lift it by the lip and it hangs as it would with a boga grip will this also cause injury? or is it just he way as per the capiez demonstration.
It looks like it depends on weight. The bigger the fish the more likely it will cause damage. 13 Pounds seems to be the danger mark which is a massive fish.

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