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Pedel Power Fishing

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Tongue in cheek, I told my wife that I wouldn't mind "inventing" a peddle powered, prop driven little rubber duck for bassing.
As with everything today, first stop - you tube.
Holly Molly . . . . just what I had in mind (well sort of) The "Propel Pedel Powered Kayak"
I don't know how to add web links and stuff like that so just google it. Is it, or anything like it, available in SA? - If not, it could be a great import product for some young up and coming businessman who's name starts with a "R" and has just started a new job.
Is Marmaduke back from holiday yet? Maybe he can post you a pick of his 'invention'.
You get pedal powered kayaks in SA, I think it is a product from Hobicat? Does not have a prop, but two fins that flap up and down. They use it for fishing from sea kayaks.
I have used a pedal powered kayak in Langebaan,the one with the two 'flippers ',found it to be very stable and fast...but could not turn around in a hurry ! Some years ago,I looked at importing a pedal powered prop driven pontoon platform that you rode like a bike,but it was not a big hit...too expensive once it was converted to Rands from $$$.And it was not nearly as compact as the pontoon kick boats are using these days.
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
Is this the unit you are referring to:

Regards Robert Jacobs
Hi Guys - Thanks for replies.
Navrik - Yes that is the one. What I like about it is the reverse ability.
Smurf - The flappy one is a Hobie Mirage. Looks a bit suspect?
Q - I'm interested to see Marmadukes thingy - what ever it may be.
If you combine it with something like this, it can be a winner...


Video added by Nav...
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Hey Bombasstic, not often I get asked show people my thingy.
I have a pedal powered prow attachment for my pontoon boat. It’s great and very quick. Only real downside is the lack of manoeuvrability. You have a rudder so need one hand to steer. With current and wind it makes it a bit frustrating to fish on.
I’ll take a picture and post it soon.
Those Hobie pedal flipper would be great on a pontoon for doing distances. Once you get to your spot you can remove them and pop the flippered feet in the water to fish
You show me yours and I'll show you mine . . . Cut that BS out right now. :eusa_naughty:
The propel sitting position looks very taxing on the lower back and legs.
My thinking was to have something very much like a kick boat but being a real "boat". It would have two flippers on the outside (just like a kick boat) that were operated by pedals inside the boat. Left pedal for left flipper and right pedal for right flipper. This would give steering as well as propulsion. . . and the pedals MUST be operated by ankle and foot only, even if that means incorporating gearing.
The flippers aren't a must. They could be small props. Mmmm :blue-idea: I like the prop idea as it would allow the mechanics to be very simple . . . and the boat would be able to reverse . . . and it will be a simple matter to put prop shafts through the transom.
Very cool idea - even if I say so myself - anyone out there with the skills to make this happen?

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