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Hello all!

My name is George, live in CT(since July 2013, previously from Bloem).
Grew up in KZN (Newcastle). There i got hooked on chasing bass first with "normal gear(spinning)" and now i chase them exclusively on fly Big Grin

Itching to go hunting for buckets as soon as possible Smile
Glad to be part of the community Smile

Can anyone recommend a good spot for me to start.
I don`t own any watercraft thus bank fishing and wading should be possible. Can anyone give me a lead or is anyone keen on joining me for a trip on Sunday to Eikendal?

George :eusa_dance:
Welcome boet, nice to have you on board, I'm sure some guys will help you out. Enjoy the site.
Howzit Mr GT!
Next sunday or any other thereafter, I stay in Strand. Drop us a msg sometime, as i am also frothing to wet a line.
Welcome to the site and the Western Cape from another Newcasteliet. My boet Willie (Wilbul) on this site is still in Newcastle!

Quite a few flythrowers on the site so I am sure you will get some offers.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hi Mr GT,
Nice to have a fellow fisherman from Northern Natal here, I'm from Dundee originally. I did a spot of fly fishing with friends on a farm in the Balele Mountains 96-99, but I'm back to the spinning for bass, also new to the Cape, in fact doing my first bit of bass fishing tomorrow in the Elgin Valley....

Mr GT! The same one from Flytalk?
Welcome to the site.
I also spent a number of years in Newcastle.I left there in 1992.Enjoy your time here and hopefully you'll learn as much as I have from the many experienced anglers on the site.
im also from nde, we need to organize a get-together, us northern-ers
Thanks everyone Smile

I`m referring to 12th Jan, Macfreak. Really keen to get my hand on a smallie though, never had the privilege of tussling with one.

@BassBuster: Aaa balele, bakgat place to go fish for trout that, spent so many weekends there.

@Shamwari: Indeed, same one from flytalk. Only discovered this site yesterday Tongue You Settled in the cape yet?

Could be fun having a northern Kwazi reunion Smile
Howzit George! Lekker having you here. I still trying to flog my house in Centurion and settle down in our own place this side, proving to be tricky.

We should go catch a fooshy some time.
Took me a while to get settled here 2 (don`t know if i have yet Tongue )

yes we should... I got a bucket list in order,
1. Smallmouth bass
2. Clanwilliamn yellows
3. Witvis & Sawfin (I know, its a pipe dream)
4. Troot
Big bunch of sea monters Tongue Not on the list, but every chance i get i duck to the salt stuff.
I am also keen on the NN and NDE reunion
Regards Robert Jacobs
date and venue suggestions and we go from there,
Hey guys,

That sounds like a plan for a NN and NDE reunion.....I'll let the guys that have been in CT longer than me decide where and when.
Just returned from two days in the Elgin Valley....just fished two small dams on the property we were staying at, got three....two smallies and the biggest one being around 800-900 g.
But was nice seeing that part of the world, took a drive to Mofam but was closed due to a wedding, took a quick walk around and look see. Would like to try there if an opportunity presents itself. But being a bank boy the scope looks limited there.

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