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Hell on High Water

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Now I'm getting a bit peed off with this kick boat thing and I'm starting to remember why I packed it away in the attic in the first place. I don't think this gloryfied truck tyre was designed for large dams.
Not having much luck - scrap that - any luck - at TWK . . . I decided to go to Qwaggas today. What a beautiful day. I was realy amped when I saw the water colour - compared to TWK (as if I know if the fish know the difference) - thinking the fish will see my lures better.
The fact is - I should have stayed at home to watch the cricket. I had just made my first cast when the first jet ski buzzed me. And then the K@K started. And yes I know it was my own fault. I do know Quaggas is a "SKI" dam - and it is holiday time. - Jet skis - Wake boards - Crocodile things with 5 kids on - Massive tube things with 10 kids on . . . and then there was me on my little kick boat.
I went home with another mombakkie. :eusa_wall:
Eish sounds like you had a tough day on the water,word of time take a rope with you,if you cant beat them join them.......that would bee one fast kickboat. :blue-lol:
Yeah, went there this past weekend aswell. Left early.
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Thanks for the replies.
I've been told about Stettynskloof a few times but I have never got around to giving it a shot. I think the time has come because if I get on the water one more time without the slightest pull - I might just resort to joining the "pap gooiers".
How safe is it fishing solo? and must one make arrangements to get in there?
Ja ,I did the Vaal River this Saturday........ on a BassBoat, and it was almost as bad. Holding onto the the pedestal Seat so as not to get chucked off the Boat

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