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Hi from the Kalahari

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Good morning Ladies and Gentleman
I will just introduce myself quick. My name is Brian, I live in the Kalahari and love to fish. I mainly do flyfishing but decided to chase one of my bucket list dreams, to catch a big bass (I guess I will have to stand in line Smile). I started some research and came about this forum, which are quite interesting and helpfull by the way.
Thanks and happy new year to all.
Welcome Brian,this is the best site out there and we hope to see some of your reports and catches.
Welcome Brian. You have come to the right place.

What are the bass fishing spots like in the Kalahari?
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hi Navrik
Not the ideal place for bassing. The closest dams I want to fish are Taung and Spitskop which is lower down in the Harts system. Taung is well known but just a bit of a mission to get a boat in and there is some security issues. We fly fished it for yellows a few weeks back and I did saw a couple of good looking bass right on edges. Made me wonder what is lurking deeper down.
Spitskop looks interesting, I see a forum member said that they stocked it 10+ years back. At the moment I am trying to find out if boating is allowed on this dam. I heard rumours that it is not, due to abundant dead tree stumps all over the show.
Hi and welcome to BFSA Brian!! May this forum assist you in reaching your dream... in turn you'll be able to assist someone in future and so it goes on Smile
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