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Inanda Mar 03

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Inanda Mar 3

Well today was another killer hot day on the water? we knew it was going to be hot? we took extra ice? and the rain I was hoping for never came (well it might come tonight because the wind is really howling right now)? We started at Andre?s point and I got two reasonable keepers in my first 5 casts and I thought we were going to have a field day? Drew got a 1,3kg fish early as well? and then the game was pretty much over when the sun stuck its head up over the hills? after Andre?s Point we joined Drew down by Donkey Bay and I got 2 rats? Drew then headed to Cabbage Patch and we continued to waste time at Donkey Bay? the switch had again been thrown? we headed off to Libby Bay and worked all the banks with no luck? we then checked with Drew who was searching for Mr Bucket mouth in one of the small coves near Car Body? he had had enough and was calling it a day and heading home for a rest before heading to Albert Falls to fish late afternoon.

We went back to Andre?s point and then into Ernie?s Bay where we had never fished before? we headed all the way into the narrow cove at the end and the water was really clear? there was fry everywhere and lots of little bass swimming all over the place? then I put on my Polaroid?s and discovered quite a few bass of between 1 and 2 kg?s cruising around? I put wormies right in front of their faces and they just simply ignored them and swam past? this was really frustrating and after 20 minutes of that we gave up and headed out of the Bay and went to join Koos up at the dam wall on the right hand side by the slipway at the water board? he had just lost a good fish so we fished there for a while and again nothing? not a sausage? by now we were both starting to feel the wrath of the sun and the freezing cold Frogg Toggs Towel wasn?t even helping? so we went overboard to get the bodies core temperature down? from then on we would fish for 20 minutes and then dive into the water and swim around for 10 minutes? it was the only way we could stay out on the dam? by now most of the fisherman had headed for cover or gone home because of the temperature and even the skiers were pretty scarce for the same reason?

We then did Durban Bay where I got another two rats? by now Richard had been fishing for 5 hours without so much as a nibble? we gave up on Durban Bay and headed for the Quarry but we didn?t stay too long because staying in one place for too long was out of the question with the heat and we needed the wind when screaming around on the dam to cool down or we had to jump back into the water? we then tried the Hump and I got a decent foooshie of around a kg? we didn?t really want to leave the dam because I didn?t need to be home till after four and it was only 1:30? we headed back to Andre?s point and fished for a while and had another swim and then we decided to call it a day?

I don?t think I will be back on the water until the temperature starts to drop or we have some rain? fishing in the heat is not only unpleasant but the fish just will not bite in the heat either! I hope we have a cool spell or two before the KZN Tour!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Oh man I should have chosen today to go fishing? there is finally some cloud cover in Kloof! Not sure how long it will last but I?m sure it won?t be as hot as it was yesterday? we had a wind storm last night but the rain never came. :-(
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Rob, same old same was a stinker Saturday! At least it looks like it's getting cooler now, with some rain. I think if this is the trend than some mid week fishing might just be on the agenda.
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Hey Rob

Sorry to hear you had another hard day at the office Big Grin

Hopefully it will be a bit cooler for the Tour.... see you soon. Big Grin
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
I heard that things improved a little at Inanda today? Albert?s was still fishing hard as well according to Drew except that he broke a rod trying to land a pig? I?m sure he will give us the run down tomorrow! The rain is currently pouring down and this can only improve things? I hope the rain hangs around for a few days because we need it desperately? and if the inclement weather does hang around I will be forced to head for the dam mid-week!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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We have all fished hot summers before, but KZN has never been this bad, is it possible that we are missing the most obvious of all, global warming! When I look at my logbook I have noticed that the mid-day water temperatures don't seem that much higher than years gone by, but what is weird is that the early morning water temperatures are at least 2 degrees warmer on average. Roll-on April.

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