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Shongweni Action lately?

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Anyone heard of any fish coming out at shongweni lately. I am keen for a venue change next week the distances at inanda are killing me.
Last time I was there , there was seriuos side action but they wernt hungy , keen to try it again , got to be some big ones there
from the response I am getting to this post I will take it as a NO !!! :twisted: :evil:
Waaahahaha...... could you hear the crickets in this forum warren????? lmao..... :oops: :lol: :eusa_whistle: :eyecrazy: :eusa_drool:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
FAB ,If you dont have anything constructive to say about shongweni ......
:roll: kidding
Hi Warren..x

I have been at Shongweni about a month ago for the morning...dead

But i must say it is the first time that I did not get any ...previously I got some nice size bass.

if I don't go to Inanda on sunday I will spend my morning at shongweni.

Fab bring some of your crickets for bait bro.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
Thanks for some usefull info , do you catch smallies there , only fish there wonce and only had one bite = 1 fish = 1.4kg
No there is some biiiig ones....

if you launch from the camp site go straight across the dam to where the river run into the dam ( far left past the dam wall ) there is a lot of bass in the reeds & grass...Had a lot of fun in that area
Negative from my side, been way too hot lately. Gonna hit it big time in a month or two.
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