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Kickboat trail - provost

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Hi guys, first time on this forum so not sure what i'm doing. fished the kickboat trail at Provost and met a bunch of reprobates who welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. I did not catch a fish and nearly sank with my Froggy pontoon boat. Have now bought a Predator boat and am looking forward to my next outing! Once again thanks for making me feel so welcome.
Welcome, ehm, ehm.. who are you? lol
Want to put a name or a face to the person I may or may not have met. Smile
Welcome Madfish.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Well, I can say the same...was my first time of a kickboat ever, which Malcom from Ol' Big Mouth lent me, thanks to Martin who arranged everything.

I can also say, although I got stuck in the reeds for over and hour and nearly gave met a great bunch of like minded people and had great fun, and hell, I even caught a few fish...that made me chuffed.

Although, Shane, next time I ask for the bucket for the 3kg + fish to be weighed in, please oblige, even if my fish only weighed 0.792 grams (if you say it fast it sounds like 3kgs)

oh ja, and thanks to those who helped with pump the kickboat pontoons up...I would have done with pure lung power, but was afraid I might burst the pontoon, you know what I mean...

Cheers ja, I like talking k@k...wohooooooo!

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