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Hi Guys

I am a new user to this forum, but I have been following posts for a few months now. I have been bass fishing for 40 years and have started to make my own lures. Looking for tips or advise on new models etc. I will post some photos shortly.

-King Don
Welcome to the site KingDon
Regards Robert Jacobs
KingDon Wrote:I have been bass fishing for 40 years

Welcome Don King opps I mean King dong :blue-biggrin: I thing I might be dyslexic.

40 years, I thing we can learn a thing or two from you. Good to see more old farts joining the forum. :blue-badgrin: Not including me of course.
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
Welcome King
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welcome oom KingDon
Welcome KingDon...

Glad you have taken the leap to join the crazies in here!!! Look forward to ure pix and sharing of knowledge and experience!!!

:twisted: Wink :twisted:
Welcome would surely like to pour my own worms for personal use but it seem to be difficult to obtain plastisol....I don't even have a mould.
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