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You are so not funny Bassrat but yes a temporary passport does not work to get into Botswana as of April 2013!

Well done on your Nationals performance, you came and stuck it out for good points on a tough river, nicely consistent, I was watching you on the scoreboard nice bags. 5 x 750gm everyday is not easily scoffed at here in GP, ask the 42 teams that blanked an event on the vaal earlier this year... :blue-confused: it has teeth.

Shooo sneaky on the jig watching hey; look I make a few alterations to every jig I fish, I think every angler should. The manufacturers can only go so far in giving you a perfect product but inevitably they choose to err in favour of allowing the angler to make their own modifications.

For example;
1. Its just my feeling but in 99% of cases I feel there is too much skirt, especially if you are fishing a trailer which I pretty much always am.

2. There is always too much weed-guard which in most cases if you are fishing a jig with a 10-12 o'clock retrieve you really don't need.

3. Colour selection is a big thing to me, in some cases I prefer the alternate colour to only flash on the underside of the jig, so if I have a black red jig, I will cut off loads of red except some long strands on the underbelly........same with the blues and greens in Missouri craw or PB&J. I will choose a base colour and reduce the alternate to just a "flash". Its the same thing as adding pink strands to the underside of a white chartreuse spinner bait. All kinds of theories as to why it gets more hits but who cares just does.

4. For me, there has to be forward facing strands on a flipping or finesse jig. I have to have it; so you have to choose em carefully and trim those up around the head. In the case of the jewels finesse they are already like that but even the flipping jigs, I have to have some "feelers". They flare the jig on the fall and when crawling, displace more water and help you over structure.

As soon as I replace my jigs as I kid you not, I lost ALL my jigs in Botswana, I will do a post with pictures and it will be easier to understand.

I just want to re-iterate that its just what I do, I'm not proclaiming it to be the right way but I have caught a lot of fish this way so it encourages me that I'm on the right track. I got the idea from watching a Kevin van Dam special one day on TV. He was talking about the same things I just mentioned and basically how he can use a jig to emulate literally ANYTHING in the fishery. He emulated like 4 different types of craws & baitfish, yes baitfish people, just by fiddling with the things I just mentioned and hammered the place so.....

I'd recommend anyone who likes jigs chooses a good brand and buys a few and tries these modifications out....A jig just makes sense, the weight is direct to the hook and the hook is exposed. I cant imagine not having jigs on a trip....

Thanks for ratting me out! :blue-lol:
Brilliant Chris!
Amazing performance by you okes :eusa_clap:
[Image: outdoors_zps5be0abce.gif]
Hi Gents ., Its again almost the same time again for so fat pigs. Fighting frog fighter and I will be leaving 23rd this wed till sun 27th. Weather is loking good and there has been some good catchers
yip :lol: :bluegrab:

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